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Letters to the editor

Housing discrimination illegalCarrie Ellis, a 33-year-old single mother, says potential landlords wanted to know immediately whether she was single and had children.

"I felt as soon as the kids were mentioned, they treated you like you were nothing," she says. "They said they didn't seem to have anything right now. It's not quite discrimination, but it was close."

It's more than close: That absolutely is discrimination. With a few rare exceptions, such as housing for seniors, under Oregon law a landlord may not refuse to rent to you, evict you or treat you differently simply because you have children. Even asking that question before an applicant is qualified could be considered discrimination.

If a landlord is discriminating against you because you have children, you should call Legal Services or the Fair Housing Council of Oregon at 800-424-3247. &

8212; Nick Tennant, Ashland It's a political issueStem-cell research is not a moral issue. It's a political issue.

Stem-cell research is about curing diseases. Bush is about drugs. The moral issue is why we create a war against drugs, and then fiercely promote them through the media? Remember when they advertised cigarettes?

Now we're inundated with phobia-producing messages, about pharmaceuticals with side effects of stroke, coma and even death. Why haven't these ads been omitted? &

8212; Linda Garble, Medford

To a cat thiefI want to address this to the person who stole our cat last Thursday night from 811 Crestbrook Road in Medford. You took a much-beloved family pet away from a home where she was loved and cared for. The neighborhood kids would play with her in the yard.

As you may have noticed, her name is Gracie. That is what it said on the collar tag you removed.

Thanks for leaving her collar. At least this way we know she was taken from us.

Please treat her well. She is a very sweet cat. If you decide you cannot care for her, just return her to us. In the meantime, know that we are doing all we can to find her, and a reward is offered for her return. &

8212; Greg Roberts, Medford

This can't be goodLast throes ... turning the corner ... stay the course ... freedom's on the march. ...

It's August. Bush is in Crawford.

Goddess help us. &

8212; Marc Forrest, Ashland