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Mail Tribune Online Edition

Councilman makes the effortI believe the council recall is misguided. There is a big difference between not listening, and not agreeing. Our ward councilman, Bob Strosser, continues to go the extra mile to hear our concerns and respond to our questions regarding the East Jackson Street project episode. I have been amazed at the effort Mr. Strosser, a non-paid, volunteer, has put into this job. &

8212; Mark Chirgwin, Medford

Education is flourishingCongratulations to teachers and staff in Rogue River School District. This past year the media has painted a dismal picture of a school district that has had some of the highest test scores in Southern Oregon over the past six years. This year Rogue River High School was one of two high schools to meet all AYP academic standards. Every school in the district met the academic standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act except one, which is being challenged because one student had not been recorded by ODE as participating.

The truth be told, education is flourishing due to a district which takes education of each student personally. Our only problem is the lack of funding due to declining enrollment, similar to Ashland which closed two elementary schools over the past few years. So when you see a Rogue River employee, please take the time to thank them for not letting the negative publicity get in the way of the real job of guiding our youth into the future. God bless all of you for your hard work! &

8212; Dave Orr, principal, Rogue River High School

Oppose the Opp MineWe in the Rogue Valley have an opportunity to support true public servants who are insisting that a local entrepreneur reckon with the probable economic, social, environmental and health consequences of his proposal for a quarry and gold mining project near Jacksonville (within 1500 feet of 77 properties and 44 residences). In August 2004, Frank Hardin first proposed re-opening the historic Opp Mine, which would require re-zoning the site from a woodlands resource so as to flatten 30 acres of wooded hills. Twice the planning division asked Mr. Hardin to address probable consequences, including noise, air and water pollution, wildlife disturbance and traffic hazards. Yet two years later, Mr. Hardin has yet to provide sufficient data or a mitigation analysis adequately addressing these risks. Given that we already have plenty of local aggregate sources that do not carry such risks, I ask you, my fellow Southern Oregonians, to join the city of Jacksonville, the Rogue Valley Sierra Club and the Friends of Jackson County in opposing the Opp Mine. Please write Jackson County planner Stuart Todd. &

8212; Joan Kalvelage, Ashland