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Law would limit parksIn a recent issue, you published an article by the Associated Press on the two campaign finance reform initiatives that will be on the ballot this fall. The article quoted a consultant for a group called Our Oregon Coalition as saying that the new limits "would put a financial noose on progressive groups but ultimately leave people such as Nevada conservative Loren Parks free to spend money on independent expenditure campaigns for candidates."

This is absolutely false. Measure 47 would limit Loren Parks to a total contribution of $2,500 per year in Oregon races, the same as everyone else would be limited. It would limit his total independent expenditures to $10,000 per year, and his name and business interests would have to be stated in every advertisement that his money paid for.

I suspect groups with money will continue to put out false information regarding the two initiatives, and I would request that the Mail Tribune be particularly vigilant in researching and refusing to print untrue statements. &

8212; Gary O'Neal, Gold Hill

Republican hypocrisy

The Republican congressional majority finally introduced a bill to raise the minimum wage &

8212; for the first time in nine years &

8212; although they have raised congressional salaries seven times in those years (from $136,000 to $165,000)! However, their bill included a proposal to raise the estate tax exception to $5 million per person!

They thought they could finally get their estate tax boondoggle past the Democrats &

8212; how could the Democrats vote against raising the minimum wage? Well, all but four Democratic senators had the will and the courage to vote against it, knowing that the estate tax reduction would only help the super-rich while reducing government income by almost $300 billion over a 10 year period!

And so, the bill failed. But now the Republicans will use the following sound bite: "We voted to raise the minimum wage, but the Democrats defeated our bill!" What hypocrisy!

This Republican-controlled Congress has given free rein to Bush on Iraq, deficit spending, etc. What about checks and balances? For them it means checks from the rich for campaign spending while trying to balance the budget on the backs of the poor! Let's vote them out and restore integrity to Congress! &

8212; Roy Sutton, Ashland

Where were the facts?I read with amusement your front-page article concerning medical marijuana. After looking carefully, however, I couldn't find any facts in the report, with the exception of the gray box showing what illnesses support the use of medical marijuana. What I did find was a typical law-enforcement philosophy which I believe was put best in the statement about pulling up plants and asking questions later.

The article entirely misses the point. Medical marijuana is not the problem. The problem is this bizarre persecution of a substance that is natural and proven therapeutic. It harkens back to the "good old days" of Prohibition. Remember how well that worked? &

8212; Michael Kay, Talent

Medford's new mottoWhite City has a motto of "A nice place to live."

Eagle Point has a motto of "Gateway to the Lakes."

If the city of Medford got a motto, it should be "Gateway to taxation." &

8212; Brad Walters, Medford

Israelis didn't start warIn case Dr. Irene Saikevych has not heard the news report, the Israelis did not start this invasion. Is Israel just supposed to sit there and let their citizens be killed and their country blown to pieces?

Looks like the Hezbollah is unjustified and out of control, and what country do we think is supporting them? &

8212; E. Pelton, Medford