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Porn destroys livesThe quote from the Hilton spokesperson concerning hotel porn being opposed by only ultraconservative groups, is ridiculous hyperbole.

It is well known that the porn industry destroys lives. ABC did an indepth documentary on this. The truth is said by the closing statement it's " a revenue stream." Well this is not just business. It is a moral issue that affects us all. &

8212; Chris Adams, Ashland

Epitome of ghoulishnessCan anyone tell me why the Mail Tribune and others of the news media find it necessary to stick a camera in the face of a grief-stricken person? That and asking how the person feels about the tragic loss of a loved one are not the marks of good journalism, instead only the epitome of ghoulishness. &

8212; Mary Ann Johnson, Central Point Immature and selfishReading the story "When neighbors aren't so friendly," I couldn't believe how immature and selfish Caryn Ross is acting. Evidently, she thinks it's Kathy Kodak's responsibility to provide her with shade and privacy. Why doesn't Caryn plant her own trees? Grow up, Caryn. &

8212; Joseph Carvalho, Medford

Vote them outThe politicians you're going to vote for in November have armed China and the balance of military power now belongs to Russia and China. They have traded a queen for a pawn, and the next on board is South Korea and Taiwan.

You haven't seen the real bullet yet, but you're going to be told to bite it. You are being put on the spot to decide between capitalism and democracy, CEOs or presidents, paid stooges or patriots.

Your president has heard from God. I assume that the pope, Billy and Pat can distinguish what God is trying to tell him, but I can't. I'm not in the loop and I'm not a shrink.

Why those we have hired to rule for us cannot function even with the most mediocre of presidents shows exactly who they are: the most greedy, selfish and stupid Americans who ever lived. They have sold America out for personal gain and have used an incompetent president to get there.

We have two more years of the Exxon/Bush/Fox administration ... and a frozen Congress. To vote against every incumbent may not make things better, but to keep them will most certainly make things worse. &

8212; F.C. Mequish, Medford

Remove the incompetentsEvents of the past week, including the British bomb plot and the defeat of Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, have reinforced several important lessons.

Good police work helps protect us from terrorism. Incompetent leadership makes us more vulnerable. The British have effective police. We have incompetent leaders.

If we can remove elected officials who support the failed war and disastrous policies of the Bush administration, we may eventually climb out of the hole they have dug for us. But, as Dick Cheney so quickly demonstrated, the incompetent clique that runs our government will do their best to confuse dissent with disloyalty.

Loyal Americans of Jackson County: Let's vote the Bush Congress out of office, starting with Bush stalwart Rep. Greg Walden. &

8212; Diarmuid McGuire, Ashland