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In the pink againKudos to the wonderful people at the Medford Visitors and Convention Bureau. These folks went well out of their way to provide an ex-citizen with a recipe for Kim's pink sauce.

My wife and I stopped at the bureau and asked if they knew how to get the recipe. Two weeks later I receive a call from Mary saying that Sue had seen the recipe printed in the Mail Tribune under the byline of "Since You Asked."

Mary asked if I would like her to send a copy of the article to us. She did and we are now enjoying the taste of Kim's pink sauce once again. This may not seem like much, but from here it is the best. Thanks for the help. &

8212; Bill Andrews, Milwaukie

Time to shift parties

I believe that the wrong question is being asked, ergo ... "Who is better at protecting the America people from terrorists, Democrats or the Bush White House?" The question should be, "Who would serve the American people better and not create more terrorists?"

The Bush White House was warned over and over again that if it attacked Iraq it would open up the floodgates of people who hate America from surrounding countries into Iraq and create more terror attacks. This is now the case. Many of the "evildoers" are coming into Iraq from surrounding and distant Islamic nations.

If you talk to your enemies with no more than a tough Texan "Bring 'em on," there is absolutely no chance to find some common ground. You cannot make a people change their government at the barrel of a gun. It didn't happen during the American Revolution, and it will never happen in Iraq.

Why should we trust a government that got us all into this bloody mess to get us out of it? It's past time to shift political parties. &

8212; Jack Eagleson, Medford

Penneys pitched inJ.C. Penney should be commended for their community concern as evidence by the Aug. 12 KID SPREE.

Deserving elementary schoolchildren were allowed to shop for $100 worth of shoes and clothing. Penneys then had sales up to 70 percent off on many items and also allowed a 20 percent discount to each child off the total. Penneys also had many clerks who assisted in finding and selecting proper clothing for the kids and the volunteer shopper accompanying them.

As first-time volunteers, our experience was very gratifying; we now plan to do it every year. The group most responsible for this event was the steering committee of Southern Oregon KID SPREE. Kathy Garrett Canape served as chairperson, and with her committee did an outstanding job. &

8212; Bill and Carol Russell, Medford

Democrats this timeLast election period I believed that Republicans would make the country safer. Evidently, very little support has gone into homeland security, law enforcement or port security. Most of my tax dollars are going toward a war I do not believe to be getting positive results. This election cycle my votes will be given to intelligent and experienced Democrats. &

8212; Brendan Girard, Medford