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Mind-boggling hypocrisyDidn't our president proclaim "Mission Accomplished" many years ago regarding his Iraq war? Wasn't that war started on lies? We're spending $250 million a day on a supposedly "accomplished" mission. That figures.

Didn't Bush also say he was going to find Iraq's chemical and biological weapons? And that he would capture Osama and "bring dignity back to the White House"? Sounds like he's got a problem with the truth. Maybe he doesn't even know he's lying.

The hypocrisy of this administration is mind-boggling. Isn't this the same wealthy, elite bunch of fellows who become weepy and misty-eyed at the thought of some fetus or stem cell meeting an untimely end, yet enthusiastically (and expensively) maim and slaughter thousands of human beings year after year? I guess this demonstrates his respect for human life.

As long as the potential victim is a fetus, a stem cell, a brain-dead woman or Jack Abramoff or some other billionaire, why, certainly they're pro-life. But if it's anyone else, too bad. The term "human life" is forever being misused by this administration's "pro-life" phonies to fit their agenda, which is all about money. Not democracy. Not freedom. Just money. &

8212; James Snyder, Medford Remember Golden RuleI'm writing in response to Mr. Ed Stuart's letter in the Friday, Aug. 18 paper. I totally agree with his opinion stated in his letter.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Charlie for at least 18 years and he's always been respectful to me and others. At other events in the area I have witnessed Charlie getting harassed there, too. He is harmless and just wants to enjoy local activities like the rest of us. It's a shame we have some uptight people who are not open to people that are diverse. Remember the Golden Rule, "Treat others like you would want to be treated." &

8212; Cindy Strothers, Medford

Teflon is the problemI think the only pandemic our world needs to worry about is the Teflon pandemic.

Over 95 percent of Americans have Teflon breakdown chemicals in their blood . This in itself is alarming. The fact that Teflon and all other nonstick substances cause death to birds even at low temperatures is well-documented, and Teflon raises human cholesterol levels.

Moreover, the "Bird Flu" suddenly started when DuPont moved its Teflon-making enterprise to China. China has vigorously strived to substantiate the "Bird Flu" ruse by brutally killing hundreds of thousands of birds for each single one supposedly found to have "Bird Flu."

In my opinion, the "Bird Flu" scare has been altogether fabricated to cover the insidious poisoning of human beings, birds, and the biosphere caused by nonstick substances and their toxic breakdown chemicals. DuPont and all producers of nonstick substances should be made to stop making it immediately, if only for the sake of our own blood! &

8212; Patti Morey, Ashland