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Atkinson's free vacationLet's sue Jason Atkinson! Look who's calling lobbyists names. He is OK with the beer and wine industry paying for his nice vacation to Hawaii but, gee whiz, they didn't claim it and he just found out after four years.

What hypocrisy. He didn't want to pay it back, he just wanted to report it and he thought they should have told him and he shouldn't have to ask. So much for free vacations. &

8212; Keith Van Horn, Medford

RVTD poorly managedAs a faithful bus rider of 28 years, I have seen the Rogue Valley Transportation District through everything from failed tax levies to route changes and from Saturday service to no Saturday service &

8212; which we have now! One year, for four months, there was no service to Central Point, then it was hourly, now it's every half hour, which is great for us on Route 40.

RVTD has had poor management over the years, but I have always stood up for them, writing positive letters, urging people to vote in favor of them. I have seen this valley grow. We should have good public transportation, but we don't.

So what does our present management team do? They cut off Route 4 to the large medical center. They say ridership was down. Yes, they do have money problems, but isn't this always the way, make cuts to the poor and needy as big government &

8212; George W's administration &

8212; does? But don't get me started on that.

Getting back to our little fledgling transportation company that can't seem to figure things out &

8212; they even doubled the fares.

Maybe we should remove our esteemed manager, Peter Jacobsen, or suggest he take a pay cut! &

8212; Virginia Kennedy, Medford

No war with IranThe people need to stand up and tell their representatives that they will not tolerate any war against Iran before we find ourselves in one whether we like it or not.

I can't believe this administration is going to do it again. I don't like what's happening in Iran but we have to try to do more than rattle sabers and threaten every country we don't like or agree with. You never will know if something can be worked out if you don't try. &

8212; Linda Ehrisman, Gasquet, Calif.

Did we really win'Say it aloud: My country believes in torture. My president can detain any person in the world for life without charge or trial. We believe in secret prisons that hide our actions from the world. We are accountable to nobody.

Does that make your chest swell with pride?

Are these the values that our forefathers and our own flesh and blood fought to protect?

If these are our values, it begs the question: "Did we really win the Cold War?" &

8212; Eric Kees, Medford