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Turner for judgePam Burkholder Turner brings us many dimensions as Ashland's judge pro tem.

She has legal knowledge and expertise. In addition, she offers mediation and relationship skills. In her courtroom she individualizes each case and encourages restoration and education. She would be a gift for Ashland as municipal judge. &

8212; Gary and Olive Streit, Ashland

Re-elect GilmourJackson County voters would be wise to retain Dr. Dave Gilmour as county commissioner. Dave is a fair, honest, intelligent and dedicated public servant who has worked hard to keep the county a good place to live, in spite of constant pressure to sell out to big-money interests. The opposition has made an issue of Dave's continued practice of medicine while holding office. Patrons of School District 6 and citizens of Central Point can tell you that part of Dave's time is worth more to the community than the full-time commitment of many other office holders. It's not the hours available but the quality of work that matters. If you want a job done well, ask a busy person.

When you vote, think of the future. Do your kids a favor and re-elect Dave Gilmour. &

8212; Jim S. Martin, Ashland

Typical Republican rhetoricBush's 9/11 speech shows a man/party that will stoop to any means to obtain votes. I wonder about a person who never makes an error.

Gasoline prices go down just before an election by chance? I think not! Want to bet that prices go up shortly after elections?

Ron Saxton is bombarding the Oregon public during prime-time television with his typical negative Republican rhetoric. Television prime-time advertising isn't cheap. I wonder where the money is coming from, and what deals he made to get it. In any event, I'm sick of him.

There is no such animal as nonpartisan. Everyone has political "baggage," and judges, etc., are no exception. Anyone running for office should have to list his or her political affiliations.

My fundamental acquaintances tell me that Bush and the Republicans are God's chosen people. I think I will become a Buddhist. &

8212; Walter Wright, Medford

Vote for school bondsWould you buy a house without having it inspected first? I wouldn't either, because as we all know, the hidden things are usually the biggest problems.

Medford schools have reasonable curb appeal. Peel back the fa&

231;ade and you'll find dry rot, bird mite infestations, asbestos tiles, leaky pipes, buildings without air-conditioning but with the windows painted closed. South Medford High has twice as many kids as it was designed for. Students are now relegated to watching chemistry experiments on video because there isn't enough equipment and space to house a proper lab. The list goes on.

This issue will affect the quality of life of every person in Southern Oregon. Better education leads to less truancy, higher employment, a lifting of the tax base and ultimately a lowering in the crime rate.

Kids or no kids, this problem doesn't discriminate. It impacts everyone. Please vote for Bond Measure 15-73.


8212; Kimberly Hoyt, Jacksonville