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Letters to the editor

Illegally or desperately?


When you look at immigrants who come here illegally and you ask, "Why do they come here illegally?" here's my thought.

Most come here to get money for their families. They love their children as much as we do, and because the government takes so long for them to come in "legally" they take matters into their own hands to get money to feed their children.

When people come here illegally, we Americans take them for granted and pay them the lowest wage we can. That's just plain stupid. Have you ever heard, "What goes around, comes around"? Listen to it.

My uncle is from Honduras and it took a long time to come here legally. So ask yourself, why do they come illegally? You know why. &

8212; Katie Hansen, Gold Hill Second-class treatmentI have realized that when the state needs to make an improvement to something, the first place that they look to "borrow" money is from the Oregon schools. Schools seem to accept the second-class treatment.

Maybe the state leaders do not recognize that most likely they would not be in the high position that they are in now without education. They all have the schools to thank for their past, their present and their future.

The children that are in our schools are our state's future. Possibly, one day, one of the children in our school at this very moment could be our next governor, but that can only happen if they have good schools with good teachers. We all want the very best for today's children.

Eventually our children will become full citizens, and will support our economy in one way or another. Realizing that, all of us with or without kids are contributing to our schools to give them something more than what they have now.

Therefore, my point is: Why take from our schools when so much is resting on them for our future as a state? &

8212; Kayla Calkins, Gold Hill

Nothing more pathetic


Regarding Jason Atkinson and the lobbyists: There is absolutely nothing in this world more pathetic than a politician in high dudgeon. A number of my Republican friends didn't vote for him out of concern for the "maturity" issue. Appears they were on the mark.

If he wants to be a politician then he should be a politician. Take the hit, admit his error and get on with the work he's taken on. If he can't do that then he should get out of the way for someone who can.

As a Portland blogger noted, he was quoted as saying that he'll never trust another lobbyist, but he didn't say he'd stop taking their money. &

8212; Pat Hayes, Ashland

Vote for Jewett


Born in Ashland, Mike Jewett chose to return here after the Army and law school in the 1970s. He has not sought recognition for his public and professional service, but that service deserves recognition by your vote for him for Ashland's judge.

For much of his 28-year legal career, Mike was court-appointed to defend poor people accused of crimes. He also was Ashland municipal prosecutor. Thus, more than either of his opponents, he really knows what it's like for ordinary people in court. He will judge compassionately and fairly.

As Jackson County's chief attorney for six years, Mike gained an understanding, unique among the three candidates, of the county's juvenile and mental health departments. Ashland's judge needs such knowledge.

Jewett's opponents clearly are not as qualified. &

8212; Dick Thierolf, Ashland

Grensky the obvious choice


When looking at the two candidates for Circuit Court judge, Ron Grensky is the obvious choice. Ron Grensky is the one candidate with judicial experience and I want a judge with experience. We need someone like Ron who can get the job done with honesty, integrity and fairness. I urge you to join me in voting for experience and vote for Ron Grensky for Circuit Court judge. &

8212; Patricia Bureau Alvarez, Central Point

Support Prewitt


I have known Craig Prewitt for many years and have complete confidence that he has not only the necessary skills, integrity and knowledge to become a Jackson County commissioner, but that he is thoughtful in his decision-making and listens carefully before making those decisions.

Our county is at a crisis point; growth and possible lost funding are facing us now. As someone who has served on many boards and who is successful in business, Craig will bring intellect, insight and vision to the position of county commissioner. As the region continues to expand, these traits will not only be invaluable, they will be necessary.

Therefore, with decisions to make and problems to solve, I encourage you to support Craig Prewitt for this important position. &

8212; Peggy Penland, Medford

Vote for Grensky


A judge needs experience, integrity and a desire to do what's right. Ron Grensky has spent his whole life in Southern Oregon. He served in the state Senate and he's practiced law for 26 years representing people like us. He has also worked for years as a judge pro tem. We will be well-served by having Ron Grensky as our next Circuit Court judge. &

8212; Bea Bentson, Medford

Supporting Grensky


I first met Ron Grensky when he returned to the Rogue Valley from law school and began practicing law. I was immediately impressed by his honesty and integrity and how hardworking he was.

Over the years I watched his law practice grow to be very successful and Ron continued to work hard, serving in the state Senate and working as a fill-in judge (judge pro tem) while raising his family and all the while serving his hundreds of clients. We will be very fortunate to have him as a judge and I strongly support him for this position. &

8212; Jim Wegs, Medford

Re-elect Gilmour


I have decided to vote for Dave Gilmour for county commissioner.

Dave is a family medical doctor who donated his early years to helping others by volunteering for the Peace Corps in Samoa and working on an Indian reservation in the Southwest.

With his top-notch degrees, he could have practiced medicine anywhere, earning a huge income. Instead he chose to serve his fellow men in humble settings, working for survival wages. He chose to live the life that many just preach about. That's the kind of man we need to help steer our county into the future.

As commissioner, he led the opposition to weaken our air-quality standards. If he hadn't done so, we would have returned to the bad old days of deadly asthma-causing smog and soot in our air.

It's a good thing having a family doctor as a commissioner. Let's keep him there by re-electing him. &

8212; Bruce Barnes, Ashland

Vote for Gilmour


Dave Gilmour deserves to be re-elected as County Commissioner.

Dr. Gilmour has a long history of service. He was a Peace Corps volunteer, served on the Central Point School Board and City Council, has been county health officer for 15 years and Jackson County Commissioner since 2002.

As a fellow family practitioner for over 20 years I know Dr. Gilmour to be honest, caring, approachable, intelligent, hard-working and vitally interested in the community. He confronts issues head-on with thoughtfulness and hard work, regardless of the demands made upon him. For information about Dave and his position on important issues, view his Web site:

I urge you to vote for Dave Gilmour for County Commissioner Position 3. &

8212; Jerome Nitzberg, M.D., Ashland

Vote for Democrats


Vote for Democrats in this election. The candidates and party bring fresh ideas and action plans much needed at the local, state and federal levels.

Enough of folks who look out for special interests and don't view the purpose of governing as protecting individual rights and also providing for the general welfare as found in the U.S. Constitution. Run things efficiently and exercise the legitimate powers of government to secure adequate funding for schools, develop health-care programs for all, balance economic growth with livability and health standards and conserve natural resources. That's what the candidates Gilmour, Winmill, Moran, Bates, Voisin and Kulongoski will do in the contested races you will be voting on.

Don't let Mr. Walker's vision of "we need less government, making it easier for economic growth" prevail when you can get leadership for growth and leadership for the other issues so many care about. &

8212; Steve Haskell, Ashland

Support Joe Charter


Please join me in supporting Joe Charter for Ashland Municipal Court judge.

He has been a practicing attorney for 20 years and is the only candidate with court administrative experience. He has been a Circuit Court judge pro tem since 1996.

Joe is a certified mediator, served as a volunteer court mediator, and supports mentoring programs, counseling for at-risk youth and community service work programs.

More importantly, I feel Joe is a man of high integrity and a man of deep compassion. I also believe that Joe will be fair but firm, and I trust he will use these skills when he is sitting on the bench and demanding accountability from offenders.

Perhaps more important than experience, Joe brings humility and fairness to the position. He is also is committed to serving the community of Ashland. &

8212; John O'Brien, Ashland

Grensky for judge


Oregon Circuit Court judges are General Jurisdiction judges. That means that they take their turn handling every type of case that is filed.

In the criminal area a judge may be assigned anything from a barking dog case to a death penalty case. Our criminal law is set forth in the Oregon statutes and is fairly well understood.

The civil law is somewhat more complex. Our civil law comes from several sources: Oregon statutes, case law, uniform codes and administrative rules. This body of law cannot be learned overnight. It is mastered through years of experience. Ron Grensky has mastered both the civil law and criminal law during his 26-year law practice.

Ron has the integrity, compassion, and temperament for the job. He will transition into a fine Circuit Court judge.

I urge a vote for Ron Grensky for Circuit Court judge. &

8212; Mitchell Karaman, Medford

Voting for George


Tom Turk's letter about the association endorsement being misleading reminds me of that saying, "Who ya gonna believe, me, or your lying eyes?" While only 39 percent of the association did vote to endorse Tim George, in fact 101 employees chose to not endorse Winters, by not voting, abstaining, or outright endorsing Tim George. That is 73 percent of the employees who do not have enough confidence in Winters' leadership to endorse him.

Winters shrugs the vote off by claiming it is corrections upset and dismisses the vote, and them. Those are over half of his employees and he just shrugs them off. I wonder why they may be upset?

When 73 percent of your employees refuse to endorse your continuation as the sheriff, that isn't a few malcontents, that is failed leadership and it is time to change that leadership. That's why I'm voting for Tim George for sheriff. &

8212; Cindy Sunday, Ashland

Voting for Gilmour


The re-election of County Commissioner Dr. Dave Gilmour is an easy vote for me to cast. I was on a Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality Committee when Dr. Gilmour was elected and then appointed to AQ Committee. Dr. Gilmour did an insightful job of representing all of the valley's residents. What a change from the previous delegates. Dr. Gilmour made the connection between clean air and good health. Now who would have thought of that!

Dr. Gilmour has the common man's touch and sees the needs of all the residents in our valley. His medical background is very much appreciated in helping make county policy. Re-election of Dr. Gilmour will maintain some common sense in the running of Jackson County. &

8212; Wally Skyrman, Central Point

Turner for judge


In 1988, Pam Burkholder Turner worked as a legal service attorney at Southern Oregon University where she counseled students. She has served as Ashland Municipal Court judge pro tem for 19 years, meting out meaningful and just sentences. Currently, Pam serves in ASCHC, a consortium of seven service clubs, in a study to promote community drug awareness and "Healthy Choices."

I retired a couple of years ago from SOU after 20 years as their security director, currently work part-time with the Ashland Police Department and am also an ASCHC volunteer. I only mention the previous to attest first-hand that Pam is a proven public servant. She is a sensitive and sensible person and familiar with our diverse populations as well as experienced in mediating and adjudicating disputes in a broad spectrum of issues.

I am voting for Pam Burkholder Turner for Ashland Municipal Court judge. If you live in Ashland, you should too! &

8212; Joey Ngan, Ashland

Vote for Greif


In November, you have a chance to make a difference. By casting your vote for Lisa Greif, you will assure the best person for the position of Circuit Court judge.

Lisa is fair, dedicated, experienced and has the temperament to be a judge. As a judicial assistant for 21 years, I have seen Ms. Greif in the courtroom practicing and out of the courtroom in the presence of judges, attorneys and clerical help. She certainly has convinced me that she is the best person for the job and deserves our vote. Again, please cast your vote for the candidate that is the best qualified for the position of Circuit Court judge, Lisa Greif. &

8212; Elsie Wehren, Medford

Vote for Walker


I would encourage the voters of Jackson County to vote for Jack Walker. They are going to need the experience and knowledge that Jack brings to Jackson County.

I have had the privilege to work with Jack since 1995. We served on many boards that represent both Jackson and Josephine counties. He has always been a person whom you could depend upon.

The citizens of Jackson County along with the rest of Southern Oregon are going to be facing many challenges and difficult decisions as the revenue from the federal government (O&C) is eliminated or decreased drastically. Jack has the experience and is the kind of person you are going to want in your corner when the times get tough. Vote for Jack Walker. &

8212; Harold Haugen, retired Josephine County commissioner, Grants Pass

Esquivel's true colors


The MT editorial endorsement of Sal Esquivel over Mike Moran requires a rebuttal.

I witnessed Mr. Esquivel's true colors at a live debate with Mike. A disgruntled lady in the audience addressed Esquivel, recounting a trip to Salem she made with a friend to ask him for help with a family matter. She said when he found out they were Democrats, he closed his door in their face!

Moment of truth 1: Here he is with a live audience where he could be a hero by offering his help; instead, he chose to act arrogant, and denied ever meeting her. Moment of truth 2: During the exchange, he said to Mike Moran, and into his on-air microphone, "Way to stack the deck, Mike!" &

8212; as if Mike had a hand in it. I saw Esquivel's true colors at that point: Arrogant, underhanded and undeserving of my vote. Mike gets my vote. &

8212; Douglas McDonald, Medford