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Howard no recluseI am deeply offended that you continue calling Wes Howard a "millionaire recluse." Until his later years of life he greatly contributed to the betterment of our area.

Due to his love for the Rogue Valley he left everything he had for the benefit of our young people. Please, stop calling him a "recluse" and give some honor to this great man's name which he rightfully deserves. How about: Generous, thoughtful, charitable and kind? &

8212; Rosalyn Rhinehart, Medford

U.N. is a criminal cartelI respond to "U.N. turns 61; visiting professor will debate its merits," (MT, Oct. 16). Oh really? This internationalist/globalist criminal cartel has no merits! Furthermore, the U.N. isn't an instrument of peace and security, quite the contrary. Mail Tribune readers are urged to read my own commentary on the United Nations in the Friday, Oct. 6 Ashland Daily Tidings. Title is "Response to Case In Point." To access simply click on "archive." &

8212; James A. Farmer, Ashland Deeply moved by letterTo those individuals who wrote "Not In our name" (Oct 8):

We are deeply moved and grateful to the statement made by those who signed this letter. We honor their deep commitment to their faith and their courage to stand against the terrible acts done in the name of Islam. &

8212; David and Ann Wray, Central Point

Your vote countsI am going to the candidates' fair at the Medford Library on Oct. 21 (10 a.m. to — p.m.) because most of the candidates will be there and I can ask them questions about the things I care about. The Medford and Ashland League of Women Voters and the Medford AAUW are sponsoring this one and have invited 31 candidates (all but the governor candidates).

When I vote at the end of this month, I will know who I am voting for and why. Come join us! Your one vote does count, especially in this off-year election. Many races are won or lost by a narrow margin when not as many voters participate. &

8212; Agnes Chirgwin, Medford

Safe Routes saves livesRVTD and Safe Kids would like to congratulate the nearly 1,000 Ashland, Phoenix and Medford elementary students who participated in International Walk and Bike to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Children who walk, bike or scooter are healthier and more alert by getting the opportunity to exercise in their daily commute to school.

Through the Safe Routes Program children learn safe pedestrian behaviors and school communities identify the pedestrian hazards surrounding their schools. The program also encourages parents to form "walking school buses" by locating a route and a parent to escort a group of children to school at least once per week. Reducing auto traffic in school zones helps to reduce child pedestrian injury.

Child pedestrian injury remains the number two cause of accidental death among children ages 5 to 14 in the United States. Parents, please teach children safe behaviors such as looking left, right and left again before crossing the street, always crossing at a crosswalk or intersection and obeying traffic signals. Drivers, please be aware of pedestrians, especially in school zones.

We hope to see more schools participate in Safe Routes activities throughout the school year to foster healthy kids and community! &

8212; Paige West, RVTD Safe Routes coordinator

Pols should be dedicatedThe guest opinion by Lloyd Clodfelter (Oct. 8) was, as usual for Lloyd, direct and to the point. I have known Lloyd for a number of years and he is a gentle, dedicated individual who is constantly striving to get proper funding for the Oregon State Police.

He has given an enormous amount of time and energy to obtaining proper funding for the state police, as a memorial to his son, Brett, who was killed in the line of duty while a state trooper. The politicians in Salem should be as dedicated to the safety of the state police officers and citizens as Lloyd and his wife, Lolita, are. &

8212; Jim Tattersall, Jacksonville