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election LETTERS

Vote yes on 46, 47Fed up that you might pay more in state income taxes than many profitable corporations? Sick about more and more people lacking health care coverage, thanks to opposition from deep-pocketed groups? Disgusted with endless political attack ads? Ashamed Oregon is one of only five states with no limits on political campaign contributions?

Campaign-cash-addicted Salem will never clean up its act. But you can. Vote yes on campaign finance reform measures 46 and 47 this November.

Measures 46 and 47 are fair and comprehensive to eliminate loopholes. So, political party and union bosses &

8212; and politicians seeking their favors &

8212; dislike them. They use half-truths, fear and delay tactics to oppose reform, and have confused some well-meaning folks and groups too.

Don't be fooled &

8212; read measure summaries and texts yourself. And follow the money. Who contributes to various politicians (and how much) is available on the secretary of state's Web site also. &

8212; Jim Thompson, Talent Support GrenskyI strongly encourage your support to elect Ron Grensky as Circuit Court judge.

For years I have worked with and against Ron Grensky. I have witnessed his expertise as a mediator. I know he has the experience to address the multitude of legal principles that a judge must face. I have seen firsthand that he is honest, professional, and fair-minded, qualities that this position mandates. Ron Grensky would be an excellent judge to serve the citizens of Jackson County. &

8212; Thomas F. Armosino, Medford

Dump WalkerAn area cannot preserve livability when officeholders promote sprawl. But with County Commissioner Jack Walker we have an officeholder who does just that. Jack pushed to open huge tracts in county areas for development against the Jackson County Planning Commission's recommendation.

This will saddle county government with huge future costs because that growth will not pay for itself.

Incumbent County Commissioner Dave Gilmour fought that change.

Thus we need to dump sprawl- and traffic-promoting Commissioner Jack Walker and keep fiscal conservative Dave Gilmour. &

8212; Tom Giordano, past county planning commisioner and past city of Ashland planning commissioner

Elect Tim GeorgeAre you aware that uniformed deputies are furnished patrol vehicles to drive home? While the rest of the county struggles with budget cuts, Sheriff Winters continues to spend without restraint.

It costs at least $25,000 to purchase and outfit vehicles. Additional vehicles equate to a drastic increase in maintenance costs. The citizens are now paying employees' gasoline costs to drive to and from work, which is an employee perk that is not cost-effective.

The sheriff will argue that this affords quick response time from the officers' homes. In fact, if employees were always on call, the union contract would require that the employees be paid on-call pay. This is not the case. What this practice actually does is give the public the perception that there are more deputies than there really are.

Perception is not reality. Elect Tim George to return to fiscally responsible management. &

8212; P. Terry, Central Point

Grensky most qualifiedI feel compelled to write this letter in response to the Mail Tribune's endorsement of Lisa Greif for Circuit Court judge.

They cited their reasoning as being the support of the sitting judges. No one seems to mention that these endorsements were obtained long before Ron Grensky threw his hat into the ring. I am sure if anyone would ask these judges as to their opinion of Ron Grensky's qualifications, most would agree that he is the most qualified.

I urge the voters to judge for themselves. Look at which candidate has judicial experience and vote Ron Grensky for Circuit Court judge. &

8212; Mary Quiroz, White City

Help the poor RepublicansRep. Greg Walden's spokesman was right on the money when he pointed out that the environmental scorecard of the League of Conservation Voters was unfairly biased against Republicans. It should be apparent to anyone that, through no fault of their own, Republicans are conservationally challenged.

They were mentored in a political culture where, if conservation issues were considered at all, they were only considered as impediments to the tasks at hand. I propose that the League of Conservation Voters designate Republicans as "Conservationally Disadvantaged" and automatically add 15 points to their score in order to give them a fair shake in the ratings. &

8212; Jim Hostick, White City

Let's get seriousI want to urge the citizens of Jackson County to vote yes on Measures 46 and 47 to set strict limits on political contributions. Only four other states lack these controls, and forward-looking Oregon should be ashamed to stand among them. Let's get serious. &

8212; Virginia C. Lemon, Ashland

Be smart nowI am baffled by the people who write against the school bond. I don't want to pay more property taxes either, but the schools in Medford need help badly; it's the right thing to do. This is not about mismanaged funds. There is no money from the state that is allocated for construction/refurbishing our schools. The Legislature has left it to each district to fund these types of projects. Maintenance crews have exhausted the use of band-aids to the schools.

The $189 million bond is a pittance compared to what it will be in four years if it doesn't pass. Oregon communities are responsible for their school buildings; and we can either pay now or pay much more later. In four years this same bond has been estimated to cost in excess of $300 million for the same updates. Let's be smart now. Vote yes on Measure 15-73. &

8212; P. Cooke, Medford