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Conservative point of viewIn his 10/22 column in the MT, Russell Sadler warns us that Measure 40 is "a court-packing scheme" and a "stealth plan" by conservatives to make it "easier to elect conservative" judges like that horrible Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who might then upset Oregon's "orthodox" (read liberal) judiciary. Mr. Sadler, where is it written that the conservative point of view must not be allowed in the state of Oregon? &

8212; Tom Brussat, Jacksonville

Flash over substanceAstonishing news that the Mail Tribune endorsed Saxton! Flash over substance?

The MT "hopes" he will represent ordinary people over corporations. They "think" he will "put partisan politics aside" in leading the state. They disagree with half-truths in Saxton's television ads, but still? — Earlier the MT endorsed Esquivel. They think he needs another chance, the only opinion of substance backing this choice.

What wishy-washy, disappointing decisions from a normally balanced newspaper. What's going on? &

8212; Gail Beason, chairwoman, Jackson County Democratic Party, Talent

Grensky the best choiceI work in the same building as Ron Grensky, who is a candidate for judge in Jackson County Circuit Court, Position 9. I have found him to be a man of character who values our way of life in Southern Oregon and has seen the changes, both good and bad, over the decades as a life-long resident.

Ron is a family-oriented man who has served in a variety of positions that make him an extremely well-qualified candidate. He is bright, personable, moderate and fair. Besides, how many folks today would be willing to give up a lucrative private business to be a public servant?

In my book, taking a pay cut to serve the people and region that he loves is beyond refreshing. It's selfless. &

8212; Mike Beagle, Eagle Point

South fence raises concernThe upcoming school bond could be one of the very few taxes I vote for, but last week's addition of a new fence at South exemplifies some concerns. How wise is it to spend thousands to replace one fence with another, slightly higher fence? At a school that the hoped-for bond measure would be replacing? And a fence intended to lock out the public that is paying for said public school. &

8212; Richard Glimpse, Medford

Voting for VoisinFor the life of me I cannot figure out why Greg Walden should be re-elected. It just defies common sense.

George Bush has a 30 percent approval rating and Greg Walden has made the disastrous policies of the Bush administration a reality by voting with Bush more than 85 percent of the time, so how could Walden be the shoo-in the paper reports? We just can't be that stupid!

I am registering my complaint about Greg Walden's voting record by voting for Carol Voisin, who has some thoughtful great ideas to restore our country to its former integrity. For me, a vote for Greg Walden is a vote for the continuing slaughter of our beautiful young men in Iraq for no good reason and a vote for Carol Voisin is a vote to find a reasonable and timely solution to the debacle of Iraq. &

8212; Diane M. Werich, Ashland