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Letters to the editor

Trailer trash or aristocrats?A few weeks ago owners of the historic Opp mine near Jacksonville suggested that the 47 or so neighbors in the 1,500-foot area impacted by their proposed 157-acre open pit gravel/gold mining project could actually benefit from their proposed operation. After all, they implied, our rural properties were worthless anyway. So why not add dust, noise, toxic waste and 50 gravel trucks a day through Jacksonville for the next 50 to 75 years?

Now that the applicants have encountered a stronger opposition from citizens and the city of Jacksonville to their abominable project than they may have liked, these same owners have submitted a rebuttal report to the county planning commission stating that we oppose them only because we want to maintain our "upper-class life-style."

So what are we &

8212; trailer trash or aristocrats? I wish that they would make up their minds. We feel an identity crisis coming on! &

8212; Lou Sequeira, Citizens for a Livable Jacksonville, Jacksonville

The original cut-and-runners

I'm sick of this Republican administration calling those of us who want to get our troops out of Iraq "cut and runners" as if the nation never decided we were on the wrong track before and left.

Remember Vietnam? These Republicans were the original "cut and runners" led by then Republican President Nixon. In retrospect, we found that it was the right action to take, and we were there for the wrong reasons, which will probably be found to be true in this case.

This administration has already "cut and ran" from getting Osama bin Laden by disbanding the special task force several months ago that was organized to get him. And they have "cut and run" from the war on al-Qaida by getting involved in Iraq, thereby diverting attention and resources from the real terrorist war. And as for the civil war that might ensue in Iraq when we leave; hey, wake up and smell the roses, it's already happening! &

8212; Steve Rowley, retired Vietnam veteran, Medford

Pope is a modelIt may be too late to draft Benedict XVI for political office since he has a permanent job, but his recent actions are an upbeat model of needed leadership.

Grossly slandered, he did not vituperate back but tried to defuse fanatic antagonism, followed by practical outreach to Islamic leaders. As a convinced Protestant I salute our foremost institutional Christian leader, as I do those local Muslims who recently deplored in this paper the violence of their fellow religionists. I hasten likewise to renounce Christendom's awful record of violence.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a strong move for peace and justice could prevail from within all religion? Let us begin with mutual repentance and follow the pope in commitment to dialogue. &

8212; Andrew Foster, Ashland

Where is sheriff's patrol?I live in White City and have for several years. I have been following the sheriff's race and have a question for the current sheriff as well as the citizens of White City. Where is the extra sheriff's patrol that we pay for? We are in a special law enforcement taxing district. We pay the sheriff for extra law enforcement and have not been receiving it since he's been in office.

The way I see it he owes the citizens of White City four years of tax dollars. We've paid for a service and have received nothing. I have a feeling, if he replies, that he'll say, well the entire patrol division is moving to White City. My response is, just in time for the election. Sorry, Winters, too little too late. I urge all the citizens of White City and the county to vote for Tim George. Honesty and integrity, what a novel idea. &

8212; Sherry Anstett, White City

Vote for the environmentI am Republican, but undecided on the governor's race. Until today, I was ready to just vote "the party." However, the Oct. 26 Mail Tribune article on environmental issues took me over the top. Ten years from now, when both these guys are gone, what will Oregon look like? Personally, I like the way it looks now, and a more restrictive environmental policy to:

a. Preserve our forests.

b. Reduce greenhouse gases.

c. Push for renewable energy sources proposed by Gov. Kulongoski will help.

A lot of the current "campaign issues" will seem insignificant 10 or 20 years from now if we don't act now to protect the Oregon we love.

I'm sorry, Ron, but Ted gets my vote. &

8212; Mike Oliver, Central Point

Don't punish childrenWith so many needs for the tax dollar today, and with so little ability to control how that dollar is spent I understand why people vote against the school bond. I have heard all the arguments about the possible misuse of funds. But, please don't punish the children for choices of the past. Please don't endanger the physical safety of our children or the proper facilities for teachers to do a good job.

Address these other grievances by getting involved with the schools. We cannot put these repairs off again.

Access to a good education for all children from all economic and social backgrounds has provided this nation with the inventive, creative, involved, informed and compassionate individuals who have made our way of life possible.

Remember &

8212; when you vote &

8212; children are our legacy and the future of our nation. &

8212; Chrystine Van Zee, Medford

Re-elect Mayor ShermanThe citizens of Eagle Point have been so fortunate in having Leon Sherman as their mayor for the past four years. His honest, straightforward approach to managing the business of the city is very much appreciated.

As City Council president, I have observed his unique ability to resolve a plethora of issues that have faced one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Oregon.

While Mayor Sherman truly understands the ever-changing demographics of our city, his opponent lacks the basic understanding of local and state regulations that dictate how the city operates.

Mayor Sherman has based his campaign on honesty and his service to the community. His dedication and that service deserve your support for mayor of Eagle Point. &

8212; Russell Groves, Council president, city of Eagle Point

Winters kept promisesWhen Sheriff Winters was elected sheriff of Jackson County, the sheriff's department was a mess. This was observed as an employee of Jackson County Juvenile Detention prior to Sheriff Winter's tenure.

Tough decisions: Limited funds &

8212; more services needed.

Patrol cars were aging: Retain the Talent Work Release Center or buy new patrol cars? Retain an employee overload or demote or eliminate positions? Provide more deputies to serve more quickly and efficiently with less budget?

Provide emergency preparedness for the Rogue Valley? Retain JACNET with limited funds and staff after Medford police pulled out of JACNET? (Did Tim George of the Medford Police Department influence that decision?) Some people use the position of sheriff as a stepping stone for political aspirations. That appears to be the motivation for Tim George.

Sheriff Mike Winters has had to make very difficult decisions. Promises made and kept! Re-elect Mike Winters sheriff of Jackson County! &

8212; D. Taylor, Medford

Grensky brings knowledgeRon Grensky grew up in the Rogue Valley with a passion to serve and a passion for law. Those who know Ron know he is a man possessing the personal qualities we all desire in someone serving as Circuit Court judge. Honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic, a commitment to community, and intelligence describe Ron Grensky. It takes courage to make the tough decisions required of a Circuit Court judge. Ron has demonstrated the courage to make tough decisions throughout his career.

Ron has the professional background and experience that clearly qualify him as the best candidate for the job. During his 26-year career, Ron has served on the front line as a lawyer, judge pro tem, and legislator. Ron Grensky is the one candidate with the knowledge and skill to best serve us all. I urge you to vote Ron Grensky for Circuit Court judge. &

8212; Doug McKenzie, Medford

Jackson cares for AshlandKate Jackson was instrumental in establishing the Ashland Public Arts Commission. Working with her on this project gave me the opportunity to observe someone who cares for Ashland and its livability. Kate comes at issues with a clear and fair-minded attitude. She is someone I want on the City Council. Please consider joining me in support of her. &

8212; Bruce Bayard, Ashland