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Letters to the editor

Measure 43 is no solutionI am a Rogue Valley mother who will vote no on Measure 43.

This measure endangers the lives of teenage girls and threatens medical professionals with lawsuits. Current Oregon law allows doctors to talk to a teenager's parents without the teen's consent "whenever the disclosure will serve the best interests of the minor's treatment."

Too often the parent or guardian is implicated in the teen's predicament. Most teens do involve their parents when they are pregnant. The few who don't have good reason. I trust the Oregon Medical Association, The Oregon Nurses Association and the Oregon Affiliate of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists who say no to 43. The focus is on punishment rather than prevention &

8212; 43 is a solution to nothing. We need to work together to prevent teen pregnancy by educating our children to think critically, to know and respect themselves, their bodies and other people. &

8212; Constance Palaia Marr, Grants Pass

Bring in new blood

Those opposed to Measure 45 use quotes from newspapers. Let's not suggest that our left-wing newspapers "know best."

Often entrenched politicians have sold their convictions to the highest bidders or special interest groups. We have term limits for governors and presidents because we don't want them for life. Why should it be any different for the rest of our legislators?

Newspaper opinions are a weak argument. Voters supported term limits because we had lousy leaders serving in office too long. Putting new blood into any system always proves productive, and our legislative process should be no different.

Vote yes on Measure 45. Remove entrenched legislators, most of whom have never held a job or have real life experience. This is a personal opinion based on experience and observation and not on what I read in the newspapers. &

8212; Howard Wand, Rogue River

Increase ethics ratingCarol Voisin is the under-funded, people-focused candidate for Congress. She happens currently to teach ethics at Southern Oregon University. On the other hand, her opponent, Greg Walden, who is well lobbyfunded, has enabled, by voting consistently (93 percent) to "stay the course" in Iraq, "a messed up Medicare drug program," and other failed policies of this administration. He is not primarily bipartisan as he boldly claims in his ads. Also, he is part of the systemic "cover up" and "discounting" of the recent scandals with Rep. Foley and not so distant past Tom DeLay! So, maybe a very wise woman, with no ties to major lobby funding, and a university teacher of ethics might be just the one to vote for and send to a Congress with a 16 percent (ethical) approval rating!-- G. Woodring, Talent

Saxton's attacks wrongRon Saxton's attack ads against Gov. Kulongoski are dead wrong. Our legislators held hearings around Oregon and found no evidence that illegal immigrants vote in Oregon elections using illegal drivers' licenses.

Gov. Kulongoski is already working on the best methods to comply with the federal Real I.D. Act to help clarify who is and who isn't an illegal. A good governor, Ted is doing the right thing by all workers in Oregon. Let's re-elect him. &

8212; Nan Trout, Ashland

Esquivel supports higher edAs a parent with two children who have attended college and one still in college, I'm glad to know that Sal Esquivel is making higher education a priority, as proven by his help in obtaining funding for the SOU/RCC education center in Medford. With so many politicians concerned only with following the party line, it's refreshing to see Mr. Esquivel working in a bipartisan manner to do what's important and what's right. He's got my vote. &

8212; Patrick Huycke, Huycke, O'Connor, Jarvis & Lohman, LLP, Medford

Charter listens, caresI have known Joe Charter for almost six years, as a friend, mentor and colleague. What I especially appreciate about him is that he has done extensive personal growth and counseling-oriented study. He is sincere, cares about integrity, and knows how to listen deeply. He also has an excellent legal mind and character. I have seen him in trial, negotiation and arbitration and he has a very calm, straightforward, low-key approach that connects with people. He is also very active in good causes in this community, including youth mentoring and counseling.

Joe has already been a part-time judge for several years, and has overseen a variety of cases. His experience, combined with his sense of fairness, care and respect for people, and excellent mind, will make Joe a great judge. &

8212; Duane Light, Ashland

Re-elect GilmourNow more than ever, we must elect intelligent, thoughtful and visionary individuals to help chart our future.

We have the opportunity to re-elect a commissioner who embodies these characteristics. Whether it is his service in the Peace Corps or chairperson of the Board of Commissioners, David Gilmour has spent his life helping others.

Dr. Gilmour has championed clean air in our valley, petitioning the EPA when proposed changes threatened the quality of air we have attained over the last two decades. He recognizes the need for affordable housing and the consequences to our community if we don't have a plan to achieve such housing.

Gilmour has gained bipartisan respect among his constituents. The only interests he serves are the interests of the people of Jackson County. Help to re-elect an individual who analyzes situations and comes up with solutions that benefit us all. Please vote David Gilmour for county commissioner. &

8212; Leon and Elaine Reisinger, Jacksonville

Vote for hands-on copAt a recent candidate forum, Tim George criticized Sheriff Winters for going out on patrol occasionally and also participating in rural marijuana busts. I have considered George's comments and decided that my decision on which candidate I vote to be our sheriff should be based on style.

Do I vote for George, a nice man in a buttoned-down shirt and tie, busily plotting the next crosswalk sting, where to park the radar van and how to get out of the next JACNET meeting?

Or, do I vote for a hands-on law enforcement professional who also just happens to be a darn good administrator and who has kept his promises, achieved his goals and has the support of his troops?

I'll be voting for Mike Winters. &

8212; Ted Krempa, Medford

Walden supports WalkerCommissioner Jack Walker worked tirelessly with me in our successful battle to keep the Medford Air Tanker Base open, and he has been a leading proponent with me in our bipartisan effort to maintain funding for the federal "county payments" law which is so critical for county roads and schools.

Jack Walker works hard for the people of Jackson County, and he is a good man. He understands the complexities of the federal issues affecting Southern Oregon, and he is a very effective advocate for the county at the federal level. While the decision is a personal one, if I were a voter in Jackson County, Commissioner Walker would most certainly have my vote. &

8212; Congressman Greg Walden, Hood River

Esquivel is best choiceWhen I voted for Sal Esquivel in the last election I was hoping he'd do something to take care of the growing crime rate in Medford. Getting the approval of the new circuit court judge for Jackson County was an important step in the right direction. For the position of State Representative District 6 Sal Esquivel is the best choice. &

8212; Ray and Anna Dunston, Medford