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letters to the editor

Faulty logicSo Glenn Hill of Phoenix would have us equate taxpayer-funded law enforcement as no more important than free library service? (Sunday, Dec. 24).

It's faulty logic at its worst. Law enforcement is vital, library services are nice to have. Had it gone to a fee-supported business model earlier, there's a chance it would face less of a crisis. However, charging a fee might have exposed the library's shallow base of true support. &

8212; Bill Meyer, Jacksonville

The perfect solutionAfter reading the article on the front page of today's paper (Dec. 24), I am very disappointed in the county commissioners and the library board in general. Nearly everyone that lives in the state of Oregon has seen the timber dollars decreasing and been able to anticipate that eventually they would dry up completely. Why would the powers that be completely ignore this inevitable conclusion? When I voted for the bond issue to build new libraries, I assumed the funding would be there to operate them. Obviously, I was wrong. However, I have come up with the perfect solution.

MURA could get the $15 million back they promised Lithia (a multi-million dollar company) and fund staffing for the library system and give the powers that be time to get their collective heads out of the sand. &

8212; Mike Snider, Medford

Not proud of the valleyI am 21 years old, and have grown up in the Rogue Valley my entire life. As a senior attending Stanford University, I have always been proud to cite myself as a native citizen of this community.

However, upon traveling home for the holiday season, I am intensely disappointed that the residents of Jackson County would vote to close the libraries which they elected to build in the first place. To deprive a community of a resource as basic and fundamental as a library is, simply put, shameful.

A child's reading ability is one of the earliest markers of success in that child's schooling, professional future and, therefore, quality of life. Essentially, these voters have chosen to increase the odds that their child, and the children of the Rogue Valley, will not graduate from high school, will not enter college and will have to settle for a low-paying job.

This is not to mention the impact that closing the libraries will have on RCC students, who are already struggling down a difficult path of self-improvement. Jackson County, you have irresponsibly wasted your money, your resources and the budding talent of those who reside here. For this, I am not proud. &

8212; Leah Sawyer, Stanford, Calif.

Enough alreadyThe time has come to stop beating up on the memory of James Kim for his errors in judgment that resulted in the loss of his life. True, this tragedy could possibly have been avoided with a more favorable sequence of events, but to say that someone else would have acted any differently when faced with the same situation is to invite a never-ending debate.

The Kim family has suffered a great loss which will, no doubt, cast a shadow over their Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons forever. The children have lost their father and the woman who was a wife is now a widow. This is enough for them to bear without all the "I'd-a-done-it-this-a-ways" that seem to permeate the media.

To those who would play Monday morning quarterback on this unfortunate situation, it really doesn't matter whether you think that he is a hero. At the end of the day, James Kim is dead and you're not!

Enjoy your holiday season. &

8212; George Bailey, Medford

What can we do'How could so many people vote to close the Jackson County libraries?

Throughout history libraries were a measure of respect for knowledge and education. When libraries are closed democracy is threatened.

What can we do about this situation? Maybe pressure on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners will make a difference. &

8212; Clair Killen, Ashland