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letters to the editor

One extreme to anotherWhy do legislators go from one extreme to another?

HB 2333 would modify the requirements for sex offenders to register. A modification might be in order. But allowing people nine years older, to have sex with a child as young as 12 is ridiculous. Wouldn't three years and a minimum age of 15 be more appropriate? Would anybody be OK with an 18-year-old (or older) having relations with a 14-year-old (or younger)? &

8212; Robert Soltz, Medford

Hold a telethonIt is very sad to hear about the plight of our public libraries. I would like to recommend a "Save the Library Telethon." This could be a three-day event where cooperative and private donations are called in to benefit our libraries. I am confident that you can find plenty of friends of the library to man the phones. &

8212; Chuck Newell, Central Point

Kim review a whitewashRegarding "Kim review lays no blame" (Jan. 19): Are you kidding me?

That has to be the biggest official whitewash this area has seen in decades. Every agency involved obviously botched this from the very beginning and now they are all scrambling to avoid the inevitable lawsuits that are sure to follow. Evidently it's going to require an investigation by an independent agency on either the state or federal level to ferret out the truth as to which agency screwed up the most and how to avoid another fiasco like this in the future.

To say there is no evidence James Kim could have been saved is so far from reality it would be laughable were this not so tragic. It's like saying bureaucratic incompetence (a redundancy if there ever was one) doesn't exist.

In any other line of work, a failure of this magnitude would require those in charge be replaced. To maintain no one is to blame insults my intelligence.

It's time to replace those who put their own ego above the safety and welfare of the public. They dropped the ball and there is no excuse. &

8212; Wayne Lee, Eagle Point

Help a welcome sightOn Jan. 16, my husband and I were trying to get home after the sudden snowfall. I had stopped on East McAndrews because I could not go any farther without chains.

I knew my husband would be coming home soon, so I parked on the side of the road and waited for him. By the time he came and we got the chains on, they had closed upper East McAndrews Road so we left our cars and started hiking up the hill.

A very nice gentleman stopped and offered us a ride as far as Tamarack. When we got out of his car, lo and behold, there were two "angels" there on all-terrain vehicles. They offered to take us up the hill and home. What a welcome sight they were, and they were so kind to us. We are both senior citizens, and had never been on an ATV. They took us right to our door on Highcrest Drive.

They were a father and son team &

8212; Joe and Darren. So we want to say a great big thank you to Joe and Darren for being so kind to us on a snowy day. It makes us aware how very good people can be! &

8212; Mary and Rodney Hall, Medford

Wouldn't it be nice?Lee Morris wants to run schools like a competitive business. Ever wonder what that would look like?

First, schools would have a guaranteed revenue stream &

8212; not dependent on the will of the voters or the politicians in Salem and Washington.

Next, schools would be able to upgrade their "tools of the trade" and not work with outdated or dilapidated texts, technology, or classrooms. They would have "top of the line" everything at their fingertips.

Then, schools would be able to select only the best students to teach. None of those special needs or high maintenance or low motivation kids here!

Finally (and best of all) schools would not have to put up with representatives from a myriad special interest groups who have absolutely no experience in the classroom telling them how to do their job!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could run the schools like a competitive business? Read Jamie Vollmer's "Blueberry Story" and see for yourself. &

8212; Michael Torguson, Medford