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Scare tactics at Harry & DavidHarry & David employees received communication from the Machinists Union concerning information about the union. It was followed closely by a letter from Harry & David. They insinuated "identity theft" was involved and used scare tactics, demanding the return of information received. Can you believe it?

Harry & David's way of instilling fear in their employees?

Think about it. What more can they do? They're taking away health, life, holiday, vacation and retirement pay as of June from those who earned and were grandfathered in years ago, if an employee doesn't reach 1,600 hours.

Doing the math yields at least a $5,000 savings for Harry & David per year, per employee, not even touching on the retirement and medical savings benefiting Harry & David's pocketbook. Won't this change show a significant upsurge in profits? Taking away our benefits amounts to a wage cut.

The owners want to sell and I am sure they do not want stirrings about employee unrest and employee interest in the union.

Our founders, Harry and David Holmes, showed an interest in their employees' financial and physical welfare. Does the "new" Harry & David?

Shouldn't they take care of their long-time "grandfathered- in" employees? &

8212; Peggy and Ken Millard, Medford

Workplace not democraticGeorge Will's take on workers' rights and democracy would be more convincing if he actually believed that the workplace was a democratic institution. Of course it is not, and if you don't believe that, ask your boss to put his or her next decision to a vote.

To impose a false standard on one party to the benefit of the other is simply a ploy to maintain power. Will is a selective Democrat; he is for it as long as it benefits him. &

8212; Clarence Brown, Medford

Veterans cuts interestingInteresting that the current national administration is promoting the cutting back on medical care for veterans (of which I am one, although of an older vintage) at the same time that we are having more wounded/maimed Iraqi War vets needing medical help.

Is it more important to maintain tax cuts for the wealthy than pay for the needs of the wounded and maimed that are coming out of the ill-conceived war in Iraq? I cannot believe any thoughtful, patriotic U.S. citizen would support the administration's decision. &

8212; Bob Carson, Medford

What are kids learning?We are watching big money going into:

1. An elaborate sports park on Highway 99.

2. An X-million dollar swimming pool in Medford.

3. Four miles of new Greenway trails in Jackson County for $1.6 million.

4. Infinite amounts for new Interstate 5 ramps and the libraries have to close. What is that teaching the kids about priorities? &

8212; M.E. Whitmore, Phoenix