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Union won't helpIt's a shame that Harry & David will be looking to outsource many of their jobs to India and Pakistan due to union pressure. The unions are trying to "help" Harry & David's employees and I have to wonder if this will be hurting them instead. Go unions! Look at what you did to G.M. and Ford. You really helped them. Yeah, right. &

8212; Chuck Brook, Medford

Support tuition equityI have been reflecting on the times I have worked with Latin Americans in a kitchen, an orchard, or school. Some of the most arduous jobs in our state are performed by the Latin American community; I applaud and thank them for that.

That Oregon has not passed tuition equity legislation is a shame. It's estimated that by 2017, 29 percent of our high-school graduates will be Latin American (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Ed.). Tuition equity means that students who have graduated from an Oregon high school, have attended that school for at least three years and who are actively seeking proper documentation for their citizenship, will be conveyed the same in-state tuition rates as other Oregon residents.

We have already supported these undocumented students through their K-12 careers, now we are unable to continue our investment due to legislative oversight. Ten other states have enacted tuition equity policies, including Texas, California and New Mexico.

As the Latino population continues to grow we must make Oregon stronger by supporting higher education for our fellow citizens. To not support tuition equity is to not support the advancement of our state and the young minds that will shape it. &

8212; Ian Dooley, Ashland

We can't get it wrongGlobal warming is not something we can be wrong about. There will be no second chance to get it right.

If we are to err, we must err on the side of caution, and assume that global warming is indeed occurring, and that humans are at least partially if not mostly responsible for it. To assume otherwise would be lunacy.

Cancer cells continue to multiply and consume until they destroy their host and thus themselves. They create tumors &

8212; hardened areas devoid of all life except themselves. We create cities that are mankind's version of tumors. We continue to recklessly multiply, consume and poison our host with little regard for the future.

The only question is: Will humans prove themselves to be more intelligent than cancer? Will we begin to control our greed and our population growth? Will we reduce the rate of deforestation as well as other environmental abuses, and reduce the amount of poisons we dump into the air and water?

Our grandchildren are hoping we are smarter than cancer. I am having doubts. &

8212; Darryl Edington, Eagle Point