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Thankful for the helpA gentleman wrote in recently complaining that people on the Oregon Trail Card receive more then they need.

I spend all of the money I receive for food, on food. The benefits I receive don't cover my entire grocery bill, they supplement it.

It is unfortunate that dishonest people cheat the system; however, not every low-income person does this.

If I didn't receive OTC my family wouldn't eat. I am thankful for the help. &

8212; M. Yates, Jacksonville Let peace prevailI would like to compliment and thank Medford's Citizens For Peace and Justice. Their weekend rally and peace forum to commemorate the fourth anniversary of this unconscionable war was well-planned, well-attended, peaceful and thoughtful! It was so good to see so many people stand up for the end of lies and a safe return of our soldiers. Let peace prevail. &

8212; Susan Bauer, Medford

Acknowledge human sufferingWatching my home region of Southern Oregon from an uncomfortable distance, I'm discovering the lack of depth found in the Mail Tribune's opinion section. Is it true that we are now preoccupied with trivial concerns such as how domestic animals should properly be domesticated and that to help improve Medford is to proactively use your turn signals? Are these the big issues of Southern Oregon, or am I missing something?

Well, here is a big issue that needs your full attention, just in case you don't already know; Robin Turgesen wrote an article regarding the current health crisis among mothers and children of Jackson County ("We must do better for mothers, children," Sunday, March 18). I encourage readers to respond to this human neglect of the Rogue Valley. The discussion needs to rise higher than talk about humane ways of treating animals and Band-aid tactics of beautifying Medford.

There is an old saying, "Either you stand for something, or you fall for everything." I encourage you to stand up and voice concern that not enough is being done to support mothers and children in need. Don't let this issue fall to the wayside. It is yours to own. &

8212; Mark Turgesen, director, Friends-International USA, Washington, D.C.

Poor usRegarding the letter titled "Enough is Enough" (March 18):

Oh, us poor "punished and harassed" people. It's really a shame our sense of reality is too underdeveloped to realize changes are necessary with population increase. And, of course, what could the city be thinking when it removes some of our parking to enable people to safely ride a nonpolluting, nonfossil-fuel-using bicycle? &

8212; Leonard Griffie, Medford

Things would be differentWhile watching Al Gore on TV March 22, talking about global warming, I was reminded of the fact that if he had not been unfairly deprived of the presidency in 2000, a lot of things would be different today.

There would be over 3,000 young Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis who would be still be alive (an unnecessary and stupid war!). We would be spending more time talking about and working on the threat of global warming, health care, a more fair tax structure and other things that affect most ordinary U. S. citizens, including those Republicans who gleefully applauded Bush's illicit election.

I do not often agree with Donald Trump, but he was right when he recently said that Bush is the worst president that we have ever had. History will judge Bush, and he will, I presume, take his place with Grant, Harding, Nixon, et. al. If I had voted for Bush, I would be embarrassed to admit it. &

8212; Bob Carson, Medford

Bush hypocrisy predictableThe current hypocrisy from the Bush administration over the Justice Department scandal is outrageous but sadly, totally predictable. During the Clinton years the GOP issued hundreds of subpoenas in dozens of investigations, trying desperately to find dirt on the president, his friends or family. Nearly all of these investigations resulted in nothing but millions of dollars in legal fees billed to American taxpayers.

Republicans didn't hesitate to bring government to a standstill for a year while they prosecuted the president for lying about his private life. Now, after the Bush administration's six-year free rein, Congress has some questions.

The current president is outraged when Congress wants to know if he used his powers to manipulate the federal justice system. This from the man who ran on bringing accountability and integrity to the White House. Let the accounting begin &

8212; it's just getting started. &

8212; Sean O'Skea, Ashland