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Regarding the recent letter from Carl Worden of Eagle Point opposing legislation prohibiting discrimination against gays, I take umbrage at his comparing sexual preference (gay) to sexual predators (pedophiles). The former being consensual, legal and none of his business, the latter a crime and everyone's concern, hence the laws requiring registration and that predators are not allowed to be near children.

The "special rights" that homosexual couples want (to get married) are the same rights other people have. Gay is the new black! Human — and yet not granted the same rights as the other humans have. They are not allowed on the marriage bus, not even in the back where the serial marryers sit. But please do not confuse a heinous crime with a legal lifestyle in a world that has forgotten how to be polite and to keep their minds and mouths from straying into other people's bedrooms. — Lynne Likens, Talent

President Bush chooses his wardrobe very carefully when he meets the press.

A navy blue suit denotes sincerity. The lapel flag shows patriotism and a red necktie indicates a decisive personality.

Glasses make him look tired, so he wears Bass hand-ground contact lenses. Finally, he dons a pair of Akward sunglasses, which adds an air of mystery.

And that is the root of his problem. Bush makes colossal blunders because he see the world Bass-Akward. Or do you speak pig Latin? — Jeff Cheek, Medford

Since building new libraries in Jackson County usage of all library services — checkouts, visits, reference services have increased dramatically.

In Eagle Point, Ruch, Ashland and elsewhere (a total of 15 towns) citizens donated funds to enhance the new library buildings to develop community meeting rooms to meet needs of each individual community. During the past year, 4,200 meetings have been held in these meeting rooms across the county. This shows a broad support of the Jackson County Library System and the need to have libraries open.

Soon library supporters will launch a campaign for the May election.

It is time to donate funds to "Save Our Library System," c/o Genie Gilliam, P.O. Box 1113, Jacksonville, OR 97530. Campaigns are always waged with donations (never tax dollars). Include your occupation for the records.

We all have richer lives because of library services. — Gayle Clason, Medford