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This letter regards the Krouse Bar Gravel Mining project that could use all or part of North Applegate Road as a hauling route if approved.

People reading this letter might think it doesn't affect them because they don't live on that road. But what the county decides to allow could affect anyone living on a rural road, and Jackson and Josephine counties have plenty of them.

North Applegate Road is a narrow rural road with no shoulder, a lot of blind curves and definitely wasn't built to take on 70-foot tandem dump trucks running every 2.5 to 5 minutes per hour, possibly for the next 10 years (this according to the applicant's own traffic analysis). But the county is considering it as a haul route.

Certainly, the large number of traffic accidents that have happened on this road, some fatal, would give the county pause. Or the fact that an independent traffic engineer's report states that it shouldn't be used for this use because it would be unsafe, would make the county tell Copeland Sand and Gravel, the applicant in this project, that North Applegate Road is off limits.

If this projects gets approved, no road is safe anymore. — Renee A. Thompson, Grants Pass

Volunteers are a powerful force in nature. To mark National Volunteer Week (April 15—21), The Nature Conservancy's southwest Oregon field office would like to thank its 50 wonderful volunteers who have spent over 1,500 hours this past year ensuring Southern Oregon's precious native habitats and species are here for future generations.

Without volunteer support, the hard work of conservation — including invasive species removal, native plantings, fence maintenance, monitoring and more — would not be possible. A special thank you goes to the "Thursday Team" for their weekly commitment to protecting nature and preserving life in Southern Oregon.

Consider contributing a few hours to improve the health of our local communities and habitats — volunteer! — Molly Sullivan, southwest Oregon stewardship coordinator, The Nature Conservancy in Oregon, Medford

Meanings of words often change with time.

An accurate definition of venal is to simply make reference to the Bush administration (from the top down, including congressional cronies).

Internecine now is illustrated by the current situation in Iraq, produced by Bush/Cheney's rush into an ill-planned, ill-advised, unnecessary war costing multi-thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

Bush/Cheney: Intransigent; and unfit, unqualified for office. — Phillip Nickel, Grants Pass