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The guest opinions in Sunday's Mail Tribune were outstanding! Both were penned with clarity and were very informative. Chuck Lockridge's suggestions in solving the school bond dilemma deserve real consideration, as does Mike Beagle's argument that Oregon, by keeping the backcountry roadless, will benefit both the animals and the hunters.

In stark contrast in clarity was Sunday's editorial opinion claiming without foundation that free handouts to college students will benefit the state of Oregon. — Bill Hartley, Medford

My son is a senior at South High School in Medford. I am appalled that a teacher would even consider bringing a gun to school.

1. Teachers should set examples for their students. They are role models. What kind of example is it to settle problems with a gun?

2. Teachers should leave their personal problems at home, outside the school environment. Mrs. Katz should not bring her problems to school and impose any conflict on her students, other teachers and staff. They are her problems.

3. Parents send their children to school to learn academics.

Part of the learning environment should include learning cooperation and teamwork. What is Mrs. Katz teaching her students?

4. Leave the protection of students and staff to the professional law-enforcement officers. How do I know what her skill level is with a gun or how cool she would be in a stressful situation? How do I know that she will prevent a student from taking her gun and using it a school?

Mrs. Katz should take her problems elsewhere, and leave my son and the other students out of her personal situation. If she cannot, then she should find other employment. — Darlene O'Hara, Medford

How many millions of dollars of tax money are wasted on paying for all the federal, state, local and school personnel to have a "holiday" at taxpayers' expense?

Public unions rule. Veterans' Day was Sunday, Nov. 11, not Monday, Nov. 12, but public employees got a paid day off.

If these public employees want to honor the veterans, Sunday, Nov. 11, was the day to pay homage to the heroes. — Judy Steinhofer, Medford

I wish to inform all parents of the Young Marines who presented us veterans a wonderful dinner on Veterans Day that they (the parents) should be very proud of their sons and daughters of the Young Marines.

I am a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam and was very impressed with the way these young people comported themselves on Sunday evening. It was a most enjoyable dinner and the chance for us vets to witness their presentation of thanks to us "old-timers." Thank you. — Herb Greuling, Phoenix, retired master sgt., USAF

What is going on with all the recalls lately? Is China trying to poison us with their products?

Let's stop right here! I have been hearing so much about how China is sending us bad products and how it is hurting our children that I have finally heard enough. I feel the media in general are shifting the attention from where the responsibility really goes.

A majority of the recalled products have a U.S. corporation name on them. They have opened factories in China so they can make more money while taking away job opportunities from you and me. They are investing their future over there, but what about the future of our children?

The companies involved are responsible for the quality of their products and they should be checking that before it is sent anywhere. Let's hold them accountable. Let's show them we care about quality and this country. For this Christmas look for "Made in the United States" on the label.

Are you with me? — Bill Grissom, Central Point