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On the front page of the Nov. 15 Mail Tribune, there was a picture of a 6 year old who was suspended from school for a drawing showing a stick figure shooting another stick figure with what appears to be a gun. I say "bravo" to the administration for suspending this child. I say "shame on" the parents for not accepting the consequences for their son's actions. And I say, "thank you" to his parent for catching him in his lie and making him realize that lies will not be tolerated.

The media should never have exploited this boy in the manner in which they did. His name, picture and voice should never have been plastered over the news networks. We as adults are here to protect the children placed in harm's way and this action by those who have condoned his ability to be in the forefront of the media attention should be ashamed of their actions.

Let's support the school for acting appropriately and let's hope this youngster gets the help he needs. Let's not forget it was troubled youth who gave us Columbine, Thurston High and Virginia Tech. We need to stop the violence in schools before it begins. — Jody Streetman, Medford

What the first-grade boy did to get in trouble at school should have remained a matter dealt with by the school and the parents.

It was appalling to see not only a story about it on the front page of the Mail Tribune, complete with the boy's name, but a picture of the boy and his father as well. More harm has been done to this boy by such outrageous publicity than could possibly be imagined. — Gunnar and Mary Ann Johnson, Central Point

I read with amazement Bill Miller's article on 11/5/07 regarding the Shady Cove City Council's decided to investigate suing owners of river property who are not in compliance with FEMA.

This same city government who is complicit in all but ignoring FEMA's requests for compliance. Now that they are in danger of being sued themselves for letting this problem drag on for six years, they are now trying to look tough. Give me a break!

Shady Cove Water Works has a big tank capable of storing 500,000 gallons of water, but no treatment plant and distribution water lines to our homes. Also the tank at this time is being filled with well water, not river water as it is supposed to. Nothing is being done to complete it due to finances. It's obvious the Water Works is not our saviour as it is up for sale.

It's time for our city government to put Shady Cove citizens first. Not only with our FEMA problems, but they are also encouraging growth and annexation with no viable solution to our extreme water crisis. This needs to stop immediately. With wells running dry all around us, this is one big problem. — Judy Shanrock, Shady Cove