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I live in a neighborhood that puts a lot of time, money and mostly love into decorating their homes for the holidays.

After having some of their favorite decorations stolen a few years back, my neighbor with failing health made and put up new ones again and again.

January of this year Jim passed away, but his wife managed to bring out all the decorations they so painstakingly made together and put them out again for all to enjoy one last time for her husband. With a lot of help from her neighbors and granddaughters she managed to put out Jim's favorites including the polar bears that were the last thing he made.

Wednesday night they were stolen! This woman who has been so strong and wanted this year's decorations out so badly is crushed.

Whoever did this has broken her heart. My question is why? How do you sleep at night? Can you sell them? If you wanted bears so badly why didn't you make your own?

How selfish and thoughtless. As if there are not enough problems in the world without people stealing Christmas decorations. — Bonnie Tonini, Medford

When Mitt Romney is elected, America will be "better and safer" opines Bonnie Sannar (Nov. 29).

Romney's past doesn't justify Sannar's wishful thinking. Romney supported the Vietnam War, but refused to serve in the military, willing to let others bear the burden of making America "better and safer."

Which of the names on the Vietnam Memorial is that of the person who loved his country enough to take Romney's place? — Bill Sherwood, Phoenix

On behalf of all the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and their adult volunteer leaders in the Crater Lake Council, we would like to thank the public for their generosity in our recent Scouting For Food drive. Every year Scouts all over America mobilize in an effort to fight hunger and to learn the value of helping others.

This year approximately 24,000 pounds of food was collected here in Jackson County, which was distributed to ACCESS Food Share and the Salvation Army, as well as church and neighborhood food banks.

We appreciate the support of our corporate sponsors: Umpqua Bank, The Mail Tribune, KTVL Channel 10 and Albertsons Food Stores who helped to make our drive possible, and we look forward to your support with our effort again next year! — Rick Burr, scout executive, Crater Lake Council Boy Scouts of America, Central Point

Without Paul, Heather Mills McCartney would be a nobody and her abilities to give to charities would be much smaller. I'm trying to keep this letter nice.

According to the article in the Friday, Nov. 23, Mail Tribune, there is no philanthropy because all rich people are misers and snobs. This is a generalization.

So, go ahead, don't be a rich person and accept Paul's money — like that's going to happen. — Patrick Ryan, Medford

The Iraqi Holocaust has been confirmed by the British firm Opinion Research Business.

By their latest estimate over 1,220,000 Iraqis have been violently killed since the U.S. invasion began. These numbers are consistent with the study done by Johns Hopkins last year, if the then-measured trends are extended to the present.

For those who contest their method of random population sampling, be sure to tell your medical provider to take all of your blood in your next blood test. Random sampling is a scientifically proven method.

Most of these deaths are from gunshots and executions, not car bombs or al-Qaida, as our press would have us believe. The sectarian violence and cleansing that U.S. forces unleashed is the primary cause of these deaths, and the fact that our government is arming both sides — Shiite and Sunni — has been a major contributor.

This is a greater death toll than from the much lamented Darfur genocide and the blame for it lies squarely on the Bush administration. When the history of this time is accounted for, let us hope you can say you were on the side of vehement condemnation of this historically barbarous act. — Christopher Lewis, Rogue River