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Maybe we should change contractors! The Mail Tribune reported Dec. 7 that "The school board voted 4-3 Tuesday to move ahead with an $83 million project to build a new South Medford High School." On another page the Tribune said, "FLORENCE — Amid a storm a $56 million dollar 3 Rivers casino has opened in Florence ... reservations for rooms in the 93-room 'boutique' hotel have been booked for weeks."

Now I am sure the high school would not be a glitzy place, so how come they can construct a fancy casino for a mere $56 million, when our high school cost skyrockets to $85 million? Perhaps, other things being equal, we might look into a bid from that Florence contractor. The $18 million dollar difference is not to be sneezed at. — Elaine Witteveen, Jacksonville

Phil Long needs to step down. The way the school bond measure has been mismanaged is an embarrassment to our community.

The call has been clear from the community: Forget the new high school project and fix the other schools as promised so we have safe buildings for all of our children from first grade to 12th grade. With declining enrollment we won't be able to support a new high school once it's built, and using the funds for such a purpose would leave every other child behind.

By not responding to the demands of teachers, parents and every other taxpayer, Phil Long and the school board have effectively destroyed the hope for all future possibilities for funding the schools. Who would pass another bond measure now? It's time for Phil Long to resign! — Megan Holmes, Medford

It always amazes me how Republican conservatives allegedly know "what God wants" in everything from the environment to the bombing of Fallujah.

In the 1840s, thousands of so-called Christian politicians stated that "God wants" us to kidnap millions of Africans and sell them, to incarcerate and rape slaves, to wipe out 9 million "redskin savages" — in other words, to act as much like Hitler as humanly possible. That's Christian?

Nowadays we have dozens of so-called Christians in Congress doing almost every abomination imaginable — including sending perverted e-mails to teenage boys (Republican Rep. Mark Foley); taking $2 million in bribes (Republican Randy Cunningham); betraying his oath of office (Ohio's Republican Rep. Bob Ney); paying thousands of dollars to hookers (Republican Sen. David Vitter); soliciting for sex in restrooms (Republican Sen. Larry Craig); groping, fondling and harassing female employees (Republican Sen. Bob Packwood); committing felonies while serving the administration (Republican Scooter Libby). Not to mention the Rev. Ted Haggard (hiring homosexual prostitutes, purchasing methamphetamine).

This covers only a few of the Republicans who have used their alleged "faith" as a smoke screen for immorality. Law-enforcement statistics indicate that only about one-tenth of criminals get caught. Do the math. — James Snyder, Medford

If we keep the Bush-Clinton cycle going we should rename the parties. Republicans should be Re-Bush-agains and Democrats should be Demo-Clinton-Rats.

The media tells us there is no inflation, yet food, gas, heating your home, postal services and health care are all much higher. Meanwhile the value of our homes and the dollar are diving. Who is managing the data and the press?

A White House press secretary acknowledging Bush and Cheney's role in the leak of Valerie Plame's identity has resulted in no action by anyone. What's up with that?

Can the religious right be convinced to vote on more than one issue? Can they see the bigger picture beyond abortion, gay marriage or the candidate's professed religion?

Where are the gun control guys on losing civil rights like government lists and wiretaps? Do they know that when they use a credit card to buy shells they are on a list? These rights are way more important than the ability to own an automatic weapon.

Is it embarrassing to drive around with a W '04 sticker? — Bob Wade, Central Point