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There is a difference between immigration and illegal immigration. The writers of the Washington Post editorial published Monday don't appear to be able to make that distinction.

Here are a couple of analogies that might make the difference clear. You can be against shoplifting, but still be for shopping. You can be against drunk drivers, but still be for responsible alcohol consumption, and even for law-abiding drivers. See the difference? — John F. Howard, Medford

A U.S. Supreme Court decision ruled in National Association of Homebuilders v. Defenders of Wildlife, June 25, that if an earlier statute tells an agency to do something, the Endangered Species Act does not "trump" the original mandate. The federal agency must perform its original mission and does not have discretionary authority to do otherwise.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled that the original mission of the O&C Act calls for the BLM to manage their forest lands for timber production and does not have discretionary authority to set aside land for wildlife habitat or for conservation of old growth.

This means the BLM must (not "may" but "must") return to its original mission. Just think — lots of jobs and lots of O&C money!

When the enviros win in court, they really toot their horn and claim the federal agencies are violating the law. Now there is a non-appealable Supreme Court decision which makes most of the present lawsuits (and prior?) moot. Strange how they let this one slip under the radar. — Pat Clason, Medford

In Ron Smith's letter, published Dec. 14, he indicated that those who oppose the Iraq war are inconsistent if they also approve of our country's involvement in World War II. He seems to have forgotten that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and that within hours Germany and Italy also declared war on the United States and began sinking U.S. merchant vessels.

Iraq did not attack us; Iraq did not support or supply the terrorists that attacked us. (The terrorists were Saudi Arabian citizens.) The Iraqi government did not have weapons of mass destruction with which to threaten us, nor did it declare war on us. — Jean Barber, Central Point

My husband and I live in White City and, along with our neighbors, we had quite a lot of Christmas lights strung. So many that we were very proud of our corner, until someone or someones decided to come by and cut our wires.

It took us a lot of time, a lot of warm coffee on the cold nights after work and a lot of questioning if we had enough lights hung. Our grandchildren were in "awww" when they visited and all the lights came on.

Well, our lights don't shine anymore and we will not be replacing them as we already spent the Christmas budget. To the person or persons who thought it was funny to go along and cut each and every string of lights, may you sleep soundly tonight knowing a grandchild won't have that excitement seeing the lights come on for Christmas. — S. Tarvin, White City

Well, our governor has gone and done it again! Southern Oregon needs to seek separate statehood. Common-sense people living here will be appalled to have to be labeled as Hillary lovers! — D. Hill, Medford