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Have you ever been in France? I go every year; I have a house there, so I shop like the locals. All shopping carts have a system where you need to put in one Euro to detach the cart. When you are through shopping, you must return the cart to the same area to get your Euro back. The same system is everywhere, wherever there might be a cart (like train stations). You never see an abandoned shopping cart. I am surprised that we are unable to figure out a similar system in America.

I just came home from Australia; shopping carts were abandoned everywhere, people don't drive to save on gas so they just walk home with the cart and then dump it in the street. This is going to happen here as well unless a new system is started soon.

We need a dollar coin for the purpose. — Lydia Dresnek, Ashland

When are we going to do a temporary shutdown of the INS? They should be looking for those who got by the NSA, not letting more people in.

How can we maintain a safe and secure nation when untold millions are unaccounted for?

It's time we should stop comparing and bragging about America and begin rebuilding our failing infrastructure with common-sense priorities and stop bowing to the elite. Our country has become a capitalistic state while democracy is straining to keep its heritage. The battle for power is so extreme that it has become more important for too many in D.C. to control, rather than take the time to serve. We're losing our balance, and our future.

We've gone from 1,000 points of light to a 15-watt bulb. I'd get my lantern out, but I can't afford the oil. — F.C. Mequish, Medford

Regarding the new law for 2008, I am just so mad. Why are they targeting teenagers and not adults for using cell phones while driving? I have had three near-misses in my car with adult women turning while talking on the phone. — Carol La Rue, Central Point

Beware of used car dealers

We are victims of a used car dealership. Two days after purchase, the car started having serious problems. Three mechanics later, we now know that the car was wrecked, should have been totaled because of frame damage, has unknown problems with the engine and the transmission has to be replaced.

Repairing the car or buying another is not an option. That car was my transportation to and from work. Now I have a car that doesn't work and may never work and I owe three years of payments.

This particular car dealership caters to people with poor credit and little money. It is an outrage that they exploit people who are low-income and trying to better themselves.I would like to invite people to e-mail me at shaijohn46@yahoo.com who share a similar experience with a used car dealership. We have contacted the attorney general. There is success in numbers; the only way to stop this unethical practice is to join together against it. — Shailyn Johnson, Central Point

A few short weeks ago your paper printed a letter by Andrew Foster praising Condoleezza Rice. My review of this letter yields quite a different view.

First, Rice is an architect of the failed war strategy. Secondly, she is a fake diplomat since our nation no longer does diplomacy. As proof, I need only cite the failed Annapolis peace talks.

Finally, she will not meet with the top Iranians to diffuse the tensions between us. Why? Because she and King George need the tensions.

Doesn't sound like a Nobel winner to me. — Jim Britton, Jacksonville