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Cable and antenna television viewers in the Rogue Valley finally have access to DemocracyNow, with Amy Goodman, now that the local PBS station, KSYS, has begun carrying this alternative source of news.

Since it is aired nightly only from 1 to 2 a.m., those not suffering from insomnia will need to set their VCRs to the wee hours to learn what is actually taking place in this suffering world of ours. — Ivend Holen, Medford

Numerous persons were disappointed to see the Howard house destroyed and our organization was also. We are the Southern Oregon Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society (Medford Railroad Park) and we are the group that salvaged the materials.

Our organization is passionate about saving history and anytime any irreplaceable history is lost it is unfortunate. One thing that people often overlook is that saving history requires dedicated individuals, thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We received the opportunity to salvage the house and I assure everyone that every board that could be saved, was. These materials will help restore our 1934 Great Northern caboose, our 1925 Willamette steam engine and the original 1884 Rogue River depot.

These historical items are all scheduled to be used on our tourist railroad currently under development. So when you buy your ticket in the old depot museum, board the old Great Northern Caboose and leave the station pulled by the only operational Willamette steam engine in the world, think of the Old Howard house.

I believe that Wes Howard would have been the first person in line to buy a ticket. — Richard Walch, Medford, president, National Railway Historical Society

I don't know who the school board members think they are fooling. Hmmm, makes you wonder who is getting the contracts.

Everyone knows that building is almost at a standstill and every contractor is begging for business. But the board insists that every month we delay the prices go up.

I recently talked to a contractor who said building supply prices are bottoming out. Sounds to me like someone just doesn't know how or where to shop.

I once passed an election billboard in Arizona where the candidate said, "I raised a family of five children on my husband's middle-class income. If you guys can't do it, let Mom do it." Maybe we need someone else to get some bids.

These guys don't seem to know how to tell the truth. Why didn't they get the firm bids before the election?

I would like to add that my husband and I have traveled through much of Europe and the buildings there are thousands of years old and don't seem to have a problem. — Virginia Burket, Medford