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Regarding the listing of Oregon Coastal Coho Salmon as threatened, The Associated Press had the following quote:

"Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Chief Ed Bowles said they were disappointed at the listing ..." That should tell you all you need to know about the agency that has the responsibility to protect the state's fish and wildlife. — Tom Dimitre, Ashland

This coming election is not just an issue of race or gender. It is a matter of survival in fact. I fear that it reveals the mentality of the general public and this is not good.

We don't need another Clinton fiasco, eight years was more than enough. We were lucky that time.

Mr. Obama is a fine lad, but somewhat "green" as I see it.

John McCain is older and should be wiser, and I don't agree with him totally. He is, however, the only veteran of both military and politics, out of a vast field of unqualified "wannabes" such as we have seen.

McCain has suffered and bled for this country, and that is no small thing. I guess that this "happy, free life" that we live will need to be taken away before Americans will be true Americans again. — Fritz Gemeinhardt, retired USMC Master Sgt., Central Point

Although Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" has many half-truths, it does complement Fox's "Fair and Balanced" news. This movie provoked many questions for me.

Why are we one of the few industrial nations without universal health care?

If France can afford five weeks of vacation for its workers, a 35-hour work week, universal health care and low tuition for its colleges and universities, why can't we do the same?

As for work, the only time our culture is able to obtain full employment is when we are engaged in a major war. How much motivation and thinking does it take to create full employment during times of peace?

Presently we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. If this fighting becomes a war of attrition, how many lives are we willing to sacrifice? And which oil companies are to benefit? Also, how much will Medicare, medical research and education be cut to pay for the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Finally, does "freedom" for Iraq mean setting up a puppet government where international oil corporations can manipulate the elections through campaign contributions?

"Love it or leave it" is not an acceptable answer. — Mike E. Miles, Medford

The McCain-Hillary 10 Point Plan for AmeriKa

1. Perpetual war.

2. North American Union.

3. Economic strangulation.

4. All dissent is terrorism.

5. Government-approved religion only.

6. Abolition of privacy.

7. National ID card,

8. National draft/servitude.

9. MediScare for all, no choices, no alternatives.

10. Get the guns. — Tom Clunie, Talent

I was just a little kid in 1933 when my family camped at Casey's Camp. Jerry was chained to a tree stump. He would catch a soft drink bottle thrown to him, open it with his teeth and drink it down. It was a shame to see a chained animal, I always felt sorry for him.

We shopped at Casey's store, bounced on a leaning tree we used as a teeter-totter and fished the Rogue. A wonderful place now as it was those many years ago. — John E. Braislin, Jacksonville

I think this might bring a smile.

This morning, just as I was awakening, a thought went through my mind: I picked up the morning paper and all the pages were blank. The headline read, "No news is good news." — Marjorie Monroe, Jacksonville