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Your columnist Greenberg's condescending piece on Ron Paul (Feb. 17) is a classic example of the superficiality of the media's self-elevated dispensers of wisdom.

Mr. Greenberg rakes Paul as a throwback, a "peddler" of "simple" nostrums. However, truth is simple: "Do not murder; do not steal." Not much nuance there.

Smooth-sounding pontificators have long misled us, so stark reality is due. Dr. Paul's analysis is on target, wiping the scales from Americans' eyes. So he's marginalized as a crank.

Greenberg mocks him for correctly identifying the Federal Reserve as the principle cause of our economic problems. Consider: From 1800 until the advent of the Fed in 1913 the dollar maintained its purchasing power. Since 1913, the dollar has lost over 95 percent of its value.

In a free-market economy the balance between supply and demand sets prices. Why, therefore, does the U.S. allow the single most important price (the inter-bank interest rate) to be set by committee?

Ron Paul is ridiculed by the establishment, because they don't want the American people to recognize that our free-market economy has been co-opted at its core, by nothing but a classic socialist price-fixing scheme, with all the predictable success that the Soviets enjoyed. — Will Reishman, Central Point

Monday's Washington Post editorial decried "nativisim" and anti-immigrant fervor from the right. It concluded that a hoped-for surge of rabid voter opposition to immigrants had been proven wrong in recent primary results. It was a wedge issue which had failed, concluded the Post writer.

Huh? That same editorial proudly stated Hispanics had come out in droves to vote for pro-immigration candidates. I'd call that a wedge, wouldn't you?

The Post writer concluded by characterizing some Americans as "unrealistic and irresponsible advocates of harassment, roundups and deportations." Huh? Congress was eventually cowed into simply promising a border wall. Then, in an election year of wholly predictable cowardice, politicians right and left turned their backs on the wall and did all they could to court the Hispanic vote while not bringing peasants with pitchforks to the feet of the castle walls.

I've had enough of liberal writers shrieking in terror when it's suggested we protect and regulate our nation as does Mexico and every other nation. It's the same shabby little ploy over and over, "Don't you want to be as kind and humane as I?" So far this has duped many on the left and many Hispanics. How about you? — Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

Regarding global warming propaganda in the media, please take a look at this Web site which reveals the fascinating truth behind the creators of the climate change report Mr. Morris referred to: www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Oregon_Institute_of_Science_and_Medicine.

It turns out this report is complete and utter bunk, published by the "Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine" of Cave Junction. Leaving out all the juicy details — OISM sent this report written by a non-climate scientist, filled with half-truths, non-peer reviewed and deceptively typeset to look like it was a reprint from the National Academy of Science to just about every scientist in the country to garner signatures to refute the Kyoto Treaty.

OISM also markets a home-schooling kit for "parents concerned about socialism in the public schools" and publishes books on how to survive nuclear war.

Political bias cannot exist in true peer-reviewed science. The irony here of course is that OISM may be one of those "pseudo-scientists-with-agendas" that Mr. Morris holds in contempt.

Demonizing environmentalism is counterproductive to the challenges we face. We all need to join the environmental movement, point it in the right direction and do everything we can to make it successful. There is too much at stake. — Keith Shirley, Medford

As a registered Republican, lifelong sportsman, former Army officer, 15-year high school teacher and coach and most importantly, a husband and father of two young children, I applaud Sen. Jason Atkinson for doing what is right on the climate change issue rather than what is easy. He could have kept quiet and avoided this topic rather than publicly laying it on the line.

Supporting the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act is in the best interests of hunters and anglers everywhere and is not a Democratic or Republican issue; it's an American issue.

The way I look at it, even if humans aren't contributing to climate change, we have an obligation to our children to do something to correct it as if our way of life depended upon it. I believe our kids will thank leaders like Sen. Atkinson for his gutsy, unbiased and non-partisan stand. — Mike Beagle, Eagle Point

Many citizens of Jackson County are requesting your support in placing a measure on the November 2008 ballot to form the Rogue Valley Heritage District.

The measure will amount to a cap of 7 cents per $1,000 of assessed value or approximately $14 per year of the average Jackson County property. Passage of HB 3538 by the Oregon Legislature makes possible the formation of the Rogue Valley Heritage District, the first such district in Oregon.

The Rogue Valley has a rich and colorful past that must not be lost. Many of us have ancestors who helped bring agriculture and businesses to the valley.

Please sign a petition to place this measure on the November 2008 ballot. Our heritage matters. — Jean Simpson, Central Point

In an effort to help people decide who to vote for in the presidential primaries, I suggest that there are these three choices:

Hillary Thatcher

Barack Jackson

John Goldwater

I hope this helps. — Jerry LaFountain, Central Point

According to his Feb. 8 e-vent, Isaac Walker would like to see columnist Paul Greenberg fall into the same black hole that has claimed Cal Thomas.

This attitude that only believes in free speech for the left will never change. Having 70 percent of the media on their side only inspires them to eradicate the other 30 percent.

They won't be satisfied until all media people are Dan Rather clones tilting at conservative windmills.

Since their cries for a return to the Dark Ages of journalism aren't being met, perhaps they should just close their eyes for a very long time. — Ron Smith, Medford