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I have worked with Doug McGeary for 19 years. I have always found him to be knowledgeable, patient, fair and hard-working. He is dedicated to serving our community.

Please join me in voting for the most qualified candidate for Circuit Court judge, position 6 — Doug McGeary. — Elizabeth Biddle, Medford

Voting for Dan Ross is the best use of your vote for county assessor. Not only will you help elect a dedicated public employee who has served the county (and country) very well. You will also help elect a man who has great integrity, is honest and has always thought of others before his own needs.

We need many more elected officials with Dan's morals. So help me in voting for Dan Ross, the county will be the better for it. — Dean T. Fichtner, Medford

We, currently judges in Jackson County, are pleased to encourage your support for Lisa Greif for Jackson County Circuit Court.

She is well qualified for this position. She has appeared before all of us as a practicing attorney and we are very familiar with her temperament, her preparation for her appearances, her demeanor and her command of the law. Because all of these qualities are those that are important on the bench, we feel that Ms. Greif is highly deserving of your consideration. — Judges Patricia Crain, Lorenzo Mejia, William Purdy and Rebecca Orf

I have had the privilege of knowing Karen Spoonts for many years as a member of the Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders. As deputy city recorder she has served the citizens of Medford with professionalism and enthusiasm, which will transfer to all county citizens once elected.

She is detail-oriented and competent in all she does. Her eagerness to learn new aspects of every job will be an asset to the county clerk's office. Karen will research and provide the most up-to-date equipment for records management and elections.

Karen is a certified municipal clerk through a national organization which makes her perfect for the county clerk position. Her experience with the city of Medford and the Medford Water Commission has taught her all she needs to know to be the next Jackson County clerk. — Deanna Casey, Central Point

I've had the opportunity to work with Doug McGeary professionally during his work as a deputy district attorney and as county counsel. I rarely voice my opinion about my personal views; however, I am proud to give my full support to Doug's candidacy for Circuit Court judge.

I have seen both his experience and compassion for justice at work. His knowledge, skills, and demeanor all qualify him for the position. I have also had the pleasure to see Doug's personal side as a father. It's obvious that he holds his family values and responsibilities to family to the same high level of accountability that he does his public service.

We need real and honest people with strong and stable values in our justice system. Doug McGeary brings experience and integrity that are necessary in making the important and sometimes life-altering rulings our judges make every day. — Colleen Macuk, Medford

My vote is for Tom Dzieman for Circuit Court judge, position 8.

Tom has had 31 years experience as a lawyer. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of the law as well as the workings of the court system. He has the ability to sit in any judge position whether it be criminal, civil, probate, domestic or juvenile.

I have personally known Tom for several years and have always found him to be a fair and honest person. The Oregon State Bar preference poll was sent to 329 attorneys in Jackson County and 205 attorneys responded. The bar poll has indicated their choice for position 8 to be another person.

I recall in the last election for a judge position, one person won the bar poll but another was elected. Do not let the bar poll decide your vote. A vote for Tom Dzieman is a vote well spent. — D. Dynge, Central Point

I have been an attorney in this community for 25 years. During that time, I have had the pleasure of working on matters in which Doug McGeary was opposing counsel.

Doug has always tried to be fair and worked hard toward finding solutions to legal problems. His professionalism creates trust and friendships that make him popular among attorneys. That is why it is no surprise that Doug received overwhelming support from local attorneys as their choice for judge in the bar poll.

Vote with me for Doug McGeary for Jackson County Circuit Court judge, position 6. We have an opportunity to elect another judge who will have a balanced and competent approach to all issues. — Jud Holtey, Ashland

I have known Doug McGeary and his family for many years. As an attorney, I have followed Doug's career in this legal community, and I've even had the pleasure to work with him while he represented Jackson County competently on complex and controversial land-use matters. He's proved true to his reputation as a fair and honorable attorney in all of our dealings.

I believe he will make an excellent Circuit Court judge for Southern Oregon. Vote for a judge with the right experience and temperament — vote Doug McGeary for Jackson County Circuit Court Judge, position 6. — John R. Hassen, Medford

I too was born and raised in Jackson County and I have known Doug McGeary and his family since my days at Phoenix High School. I've watched Doug build his career as a respected lawyer in this area.

We also served together as members of the board of directors for a local nonprofit organization and I saw his work first-hand. He took his appointment seriously and took great care to understand and act on the tough issues.

Doug will make a fine judge. Vote Doug McGeary, Jackson County Circuit Court judge. — Bill Bagley, Medford

I have had the pleasure of knowing Doug McGeary for 20 years. He was born and raised in Jackson County and is proud of his commitment to it, serving as district attorney 10 years and county counsel 9 years.

Family and community service are his main priorities. His varied, balanced and lengthy employment with Jackson County has given him a unique insight into local needs. He is experienced, intelligent and respected in his profession.

He is the best candidate for Circuit Court judge, position 6. Please support Doug McGeary for judge. — Laurie Teply, Medford

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright's views on America and on 9/11 are certainly defensible.

America did practice genocide on the Native Americans and enslave millions of human beings and thereafter kept them in a condition as bad or worse than slavery. Most Americans aware of the crimes of the American Empire reacted to 9/11 as the Reverend put it: "The chickens are coming home to roost."

As for "God damn America," those who know their Bible must agree that a vengeful God does indeed punish nations which engage in unjustified wars, kill helpless women and children and engage in torture, just as nonbelievers understand that a government that is mendacious, criminal and arrogant sows the seeds of its own downfall. The mass media's slander directed at Rev. Wright is typical of the "shoot the messenger" reaction to those who dare tell some truth about our country. — Ragan Cavanaugh, Ashland

I have known Doug McGeary for 17 years. He has a range of experiences that make him uniquely qualified to be a judge: 10 years as a criminal prosecutor and 9 years as a civil attorney for Jackson County.

Born and raised here, he understands the issues facing our community and will bring to the bench leadership and maturity tempered by his commitment to family and his sense of responsible stewardship. Please join me in voting for Doug McGeary, Jackson County Circuit Court judge, position 6. — Ruth Boothby, Medford

I am very pleased that Doug McGeary is seeking election to Jackson County Circuit Court judge, position 6, and I am honored to lend him my endorsement.

Doug and I were both raised in Medford, and I have known him since childhood. Doug is a devoted member of this community; this is evidenced by his volunteer service to nonprofit organizations and his service as an elected board member of a local water district.

Doug has been a well-respected lawyer his entire career. He has the temperament, the experience and the respect of his peers that qualify him to be a great judge. Please join me in voting for my colleague and my friend, Doug McGeary, for Jackson County Circuit Court judge, position 6. — John Blackhurst, lawyer, Medford

I am voting for Dan Ross for several reasons. First, I don't know if very many people have gone online to see who contributes to a candidate. But this is public knowledge so anyone can do it.

I was amazed to find out that Roy Wright has put in personally over $60,000 of his own money. To me he is trying to buy this job. When you look at other candidates, you will see contributions from many different people in the community.

Secondly in my opinion is that Roy Wright being an appraiser is partially the reason we are so overinflated in our housing market. In my past experiences if a home loan financial institution needs a home to appraise for a certain amount the appraisers do it.

So join me and keep Dan Ross in office. — Robert Berg, Medford

Has anyone noticed the similarity between Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both appear shrewd, educated, mean-spirited and overcome by the desire for power. Both have good-natured, occasionally clueless husbands who may not be the "pants wearers" in the relationship.

Michelle Obama will be a rerun of Hillary if she becomes first lady. Even more problematic, Mrs. Obama seems to have the victim mentality because of her race, despite being in a family of Ivy League educations, seven-figure net worths and designer fashions. It is easy to anticipate her antipathy toward those citizens who are not "of color."

Her apparent attitude that the presidency is owed to her husband reflects the sense of entitlement that has been demonstrated in Hillary Clinton's attitude during the campaign. Do we really want reruns? I'll pass. — Raymond Smith, Central Point

The longer the campaign goes on the more I like Obama as a person, but I just checked Hillary's name on my ballot.

Yeah! I know she's a ball buster and Obama's a nice guy, but this shouldn't be a popularity contest.

We've been down that road before.

Jimmy Carter was the "grass roots" favorite but is today considered one of the most ineffective of our presidents.

Then we had the affable Ronnie, who managed to run us $2 trillion in debt.

And how about the good old boy Bubya, who has increased our national debt to over nine trillion, caused the death of over 4,000 American boys, maimed another 12,000 and made us the most unpopular nation in the world.

Have you had enough of nice guys?

It's time for a hard-nosed straight-talking SOB like Harry or LBJ. I think Hillary comes closer to that definition than Barack. — Ed Rose, Jacksonville

There have been few times in our country's leadership when intelligence, an ability to communicate and above all integrity have been needed so badly. One candidate, Barack Obama, possesses all three and Oregon has the amazing opportunity to help him win the nomination.

His elitist (Wellesley, Yale, $100 million-plus) opponent offers quick fixes that sound good, panders by saying whatever she thinks that group wants to hear and is second only to Bush in money taken from health-care lobbyists. If that's not enough to cause distrust, having the support of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity plus a loose cannon for a husband should be.

Think about this recently asked question: Do we want a leader who believes in the raw assertion of power or one whose power is in communication? The choice becomes easy — it is Obama! — BJ Reed, Medford

I am familiar with the candidates for Circuit Court judge, position 8 as I have been involved with the criminal justice system in Jackson County for many years. I believe these candidates are capable and experienced attorneys.

What I believe sets John Norton apart is his strong desire to do what is right and his ability to seek fairness. He has demonstrated in his professional and private life that he is a man of honesty, fairness and integrity.

John has a strong "moral compass" that will serve him well as judge. He is an honest professional who will maintain fairness.

As another Norton supporter stated, "he has the right temperament for the bench." I concur. I am proud to support John in this effort.

John will continue to make Jackson County a safer place to live and work. Please join me in supporting John Norton for Circuit Court judge. — Tim George, Medford

Why am I supporting Rick Schreffler for county clerk: I met Mr. Schreffler when he was in the U.S. Navy and saw him rise through the ranks of the Navy to become a chief warrant officer. I have worked closely with Rick Schreffler and seen his leadership qualities.

Rick Schreffler is not only qualified to take this job but also he will bring change. Petitions will be counted and not thrown out when they are signed by real voters.

Rick Schreffler promises to bring change to this office, returning the vote to the voters. Too many people feel their voices are no more than a whisper today, Rick Schreffler will allow them to speak from anywhere they wish to speak.

This is my main reason for my vote to be checked Rick Schreffler in the spot of county clerk. — James W. Lawrence, Jacksonville