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In Ashland, the railroad has decided that a large section of land just north of A Street is unsafe for people or pets to use as a walking ground. The small placard on the fence explains that heavy metals and toxins such as arsenic and timber preservative have leached into the soil.

My concern is that every day I see people inside the fence walking their dogs and riding bikes in this toxic yard. Since the fence was put up in late 2006, vandals consistently create holes in the fence to enter this area. If the site is so toxic, how can the city stand by and watch its citizens be poisoned?

I challenge the city of Ashland to begin the process of restoring this land by contacting Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti (www.fungi.com). He has rehabilitated many sites using community volunteers. We must stop simply fencing off our problems. We must solve them. It is the only path left to take. — Chris Perme, Ashland

Saturday evening, May 10, we enjoyed a very special evening at the Singler-Cota Kids Unlimited and Fellowship of Christian Athletes annual fundraiser, hosted by Kids Unlimited. The young people at Kids Unlimited helped to prepare the appetizers and dinner and served the food in a very professional manner. They were friendly, helpful and attentive.

Everyone was impressed to hear the testimonies from young people in Kids Unlimited and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, about the help and encouragement they have received over the years from these two outstanding organizations.

It was a thoroughly delightful evening, worthy of the support of our community. — Jerry and Daphne Ross, Medford

Fix Highway 62, don't make it worse! Add one lane in each direction. Make it more of an expressway. Time the stoplights to maximize the traffic flow, don't add more stoplights.

Make right-turn only entrances onto Highway 62. Close off the left-hand turn lane at Webfoot Road, close off the entrance onto Highway 62 at Webfoot Road. Make one entrance at the existing stoplight at the Costco intersection. Move traffic along at 45 mph from Interstate 5 to Coker Butte Road and 55 mph on to Highway 140.

Simplify this road, keep the flow moving and most of the Highway 62 problems will be gone. Don't let ODOT bully us into new roads and more of our taxes being spent on their "follies." — Allen Stewart, Jacksonville