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Bush ends his failed presidency with politeness and dignity. But Ashland "Renaissance man" (nude protester/"artist"/councilman) Eric Navickas piles on and knees the president in the groin.

At his politically correct gallery, Eric enables those sympathetic to the boorish Iraqi shoe-thrower to express their violent proclivities by flinging paint-covered shoes at an enlarged photograph.

Ashland-style social control is obvious: Anyone with politically diverse opinions should be literally smeared. Obama in 2008: about 53 percent nationwide, about 85 percent Ashland.

Irony overload! Enterprising Eric resents criticisms of his scheme on blogs replete with "rude and disrespectful comments." Oh! Imagine the nerve to show disrespect for a member of that august body of sober statesmen, Ashland's City Council!

One customer, a "poet" and Jungian therapist, demonstrated her self-insight by throwing a shoe to support Bush's assaulter — then claiming to be "a nonviolent person." Peace, love and tolerance aren't required of these self-anointed ambassadors of truth. They claim diplomatic immunity.

Apparently, these America-bashing nonentities somehow elevate themselves above the most benevolent great power in world history. How emotionally needy! Making the 2000 and 2004 bad losers into even worse winners?

Ubiquitous bile stains on Ashland sidewalks await forensic psychiatrists' scrutiny. — Martin Seim, Medford

When I look at the laws regarding the sale of raw milk and the National Animal Identification System law and the FDA's connections with agribusiness and the food industry and the machinations of the huge corporations controlling seeds, I want to cry for the death of democracy in my beloved United States.

Good, clean, nutritious food is the basis of a healthy population, and that food needs to be as nutrient-rich and as chemical-free as the food our ancestors ate. We need to roll back the laws interfering with sustainable agriculture and the small farmer not only for freedom's sake, but to stem the tide of diabetes, birth defects, autoimmune diseases, cancer, autism and the numerous other diseases caused by our unhealthy and contaminated food. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will thank us. — Tracy Reed, Medford

Regarding the flag burning and throwing shoes at the president's picture: You're disrespecting our country.

You should be ashamed. — Dorothy Pittock, Central Point