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Congress is discussing the appointment of Timothy Geithner as our new Treasury secretary. This man may be a genius but he's also a tax evader and a tax cheater. This is what is called "putting the fox in charge of the hen house."

Can you imagine if this guy was a Republican? He would be vilified by the Mail Tribune and by every other liberal newspaper in the country.

Come on, you lib Demos, tell me it isn't so!

Is this the "change" that President Obama talked so much about? — M.J. Dabrowski, Medford

The nine-step absolutely foolproof formula for creating a selfish, greedy, weak, lazy and irresponsible citizen:

1. Beginning at age 2, buy the child cake, toys and Disney videos every time the child yells, cries or demands something.

2. Make sure the child absorbs a minimum of six hours a day of MTV and hip-hop music, preferably rap songs containing lyrics applauding drive-by shootings, pimping, drug abuse and killing police officers.

3. Don't take him to church — not even once.

4. Get him interested in pit bulls, assault rifles, spray-paint graffiti, neck tattoos, marijuana, baggy pants and filthy language between sixth and eighth grade.

5. Always blame the child's teachers whenever the child brings home D's and F's.

6. Let 'em do whatever they want, with no parental lecturing or punishments.

7. Do not discuss homework or assign chores to the child.

8. Get 'em interested in sleazy, stupid radio programs obsessed with fetuses, homosexuals, machine guns and the teachers union.

9. Do their laundry for them until they're at least 22.

More than 8 million U.S. parents have successfully completed this, uh, program since 1987. And with this program, we're definitely building a new kind of America. — James Snyder, Medford

About cigarettes — if only smokers would realize what a burden their moments of satisfaction cause the entire world.

Cigarette trash is revolting. But even worse, the medical burdens it creates. I live in a nice apartment and renters may smoke on their patios, but not inside the apartment. Apparently smoke soaks into walls and drapes. But even worse, smoking in bed could just possibly set the whole complex on fire.

Eventually smokers will be required to pay higher health premiums. Any price to pay for quitting cigarettes is worth it. If Americans can dump Bush, they can stop the nicotine stranglehold of cigarettes. — Helen Murawski, Medford