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Whatever you think about the new president's policies, you must give him this: He is a man of honor.

He screwed up, and he looked straight into the TV cameras and said "I screwed up." I cannot imagine George Bush or Bill Clinton doing that.

Clinton would have lied about it; Bush would have blamed it on the "left wing media." What is this world coming to, when the president acts like an adult! — Craig Callaway, Eagle Point

On Sunday, five of us from our church joined together for lunch at a local restaurant.

Before we left, the waitress came to our table, picked up our checks, wadded them up and tossed them! She then told us they had been taken care of. She wouldn't divulge the source of this gesture of goodwill.

The "source" can rest assured this deed will not go unrepaid! We will pass this unsolicited good neighbor gesture on! — Keith Grant, Central Point

Here we go again ... after mindless ODOT spending of our taxes, the end results don't justify the costs!

The north Medford freeway exit is not any better, overall, than what it was before and it cost millions of our taxes and displaced several businesses. Great job, ODOT!

Now, after not listening to the taxpaying citizens, dear ol' ODOT attacked our south exit. A plan that dumps freeway traffic onto two streets that can't deal with freeway traffic (by the way, Garfield is a residential 25 mph street with a school zone and Highland is another local traffic residential street.) Great ODOT planning!

Businesses are placed at the old exit (which could have been fixed very easily at very little expense) and many will have a tough time existing with the new exit so far away!

Shame on Medford's City Council and Chamber of Commerce for letting ODOT bully all of us into their "pie in the sky" plan. Neither of these exits are going to fix anything! — Allen Stewart, Jacksonville

I am writing in response to R. Cody (Jan. 20). If you define health as "ability to function," I'll agree that Americans are healthier and have longer life expectancy. (And yes — bigger!)

The dictionary defines health as "freedom from bodily pain and disease." (Webster's, 1946). People taking the drugs that are so prevalent today are not free from disease. There is no healing in drugs. Just go off the dose and the illness is back. The drugs forced the body to behave in certain ways. Nothing was healed.

America's food may indeed be abundant and healthy, but I find the average person has no idea how to utilize that resource for optimum health.

Books I have found helpful:

"Fit for Life" — Harvey Diamond. "Reversing Degenerative Disease" — Dr. Joe Elrod. "Eat to Live" — Dr. Joel Fuhrman. — Barbara Vlahos, Central Point

When candidate Obama broke his pledge to accept public campaign financing, he showed his integrity was for sale. His words and deeds as president are not better.

The $600 million in campaign donations is being repaid with over $800 billion in pork spending disguised as a stimulus package. His call for bipartisanship produced a House bill with literally no input, debate or amendments allowed by the minority party, and was so bad even 11 Democrats had to vote against it.

Obama's call for change seems to make the same old mistakes only at an unprecedented level. Call for ethics, then nominate tax cheats and Mrs. Clinton. Call for transparency, then push a bill through Congress before anyone can read it. Stifle free speech and call it fairness or diversity. Improve our relations with the Muslim world by sending them money to murder their unborn children.

I hope he and his policies fail. Our unborn great-grandchildren don't need to be saddled with the debt he is advocating.

This generation needs to pay for this situation. It won't be easy, but if Obama gets his way, he'll look good for awhile, but this country will suffer eventually. — Jerry Ross, Grants Pass

It is with a combination of disgust and amazement that I read the Los Angeles Times' editorial of "Health before ideology" (Feb. 2) in the fish wrap you call the Mail Tribune.

In the last paragraph, I quote "We're glad to see the pendulum swing back again, and we expect this to be just a first step toward correcting years of ineffective moralistic policies ..."

So, morals are not important with the daily fish wrap Mail Tribune? Way to go, idiots. Great role model for the youngsters. Let's all go back to the sixties and let hippiedom reign! — John Rodrigues, Medford

How can Obama expect to foster bipartisanship and credibility in his administration when he's surrounding himself with tax cheats and people who are unqualified for their positions?

His stimulus package is badly misguided and is loaded with "pork" that will do nothing to help the economy.

He has already started to back-pedal on many of the promises he made during his campaign. — Richard Cody, Applegate