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Regarding "Residents oppose controversial project" — OnTrack was quoted as saying "residents were very heated and often prevented OnTrack representatives from properly addressing the concerns." It didn't mention why residents were angry.

1. "Properly addressing residents concerns" — notifies, educates and allows neighborhood input before the fact.

2. Anger because this was quietly snuck through with no notification, except for a small notice in the paper in December 2008, well after the approval process was completed.

3. Anger because we were told there was a sign posted on the property. But this is at the end of a dead-end road that no one would have any cause to drive up. Furthermore, driving there the following day showed no signs posted at all.

4. Anger because we were essentially told at the meeting that this was a "done deal" and we had no recourse.

We've received ample notification, fliers, invitations to meetings for residents' input and timely updates regarding all other projects proposed for our neighborhood: Albertsons Shopping Center Complex/gas station; proposed residential complex, including neighborhood shops/paseos near the fire station; The Centennial Golf Course, plus future plans for residences; even the proposed Wal-Mart which has been going on for years! — S. Davey, Medford

In the article on mixed-breed dog DNA tests Feb. 1, the veterinarians interviewed didn't mention potential inaccuracies.

Actually, results vary with the breeds in the company's data base. One popular company tested crosses from two pure breeds and got the breeds correct just 8 out of 10 times. Results for unknown multi-breed dogs would be more inaccurate.

Many more rare breeds are "found" by these tests than seems plausible for random-bred dogs. Dog genetic markers are not breed-specific, so results usually could be any one of several breeds.

Dr. Bush opined that mixed-breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs. Research in European countries with widespread dog health insurance shows there is little difference in health problems between same-sized mutts versus purebreds.

He also mentioned "hybrid vigor" as an advantage for mixed breeds. However, if two breeds have the same inherited problems their crosses can inherit those problems.

As a biologist and dog behaviorist, I think unless a dog is at least one-fourth of a breed that has been strongly selected for specific behaviors, such as herding in border collies, breed-specific behavioral tendencies would be lost in multi-mixed breeding, so these tests cannot help with understanding your random-bred dog's behavior. — Janice Koler-Matznick, Central Point

The Buck Jones Dam is history!

Hooray! The Savage Rapids Dam is near extinction! Same with Elk Creek.

And how about the apparent progress on getting rid of the Klamath River Dams?

Lets go after Applegate, Lost Creek, Bonneville, Shasta, Hoover, Glen Canyon; all of them.

The sooner we get rid of all the dams, the sooner we use up those polluting fossil fuels.

The heat-loving, carbon-breathing, fire-spitting mutants then occupying the Earth will thank us for saving the fish for them. — N. A. (Newt) Likely, Jacksonville