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The Jackson County WIC Program staff would like to extend a big thank-you to our WIC participants. In April, our computers went down for a week. During that time we were unable to completely process their visits.

Unfortunately, the WIC families had to wait until our computers came back up to receive their food vouchers. This also entailed an extra trip into the clinic for many to pick them up.

Everyone was kind and considerate. They all felt more compassion for our staff than concern for themselves.

In these hard times it was encouraging to meet and work with all of you. You all help us "keep the faith." You guys are great! — Dori Glockler, Medford, for the WIC Program staff

Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness was way out of line defending the 70-year-old pervert walking naked in a town he should be protecting.

What child walking home from school would ever expect to be approached by a naked man and not be scared to death? Like this is supposed to be a natural occurrence ... do you actually think this guy has all his faculties?

According to his quotes, Chief Holderness would take a young child and start sex education in elementary school ... now let's see, would that scare the heck out of them? Maybe he is the one that has an issue, thinking this shouldn't alarm the citizens in his community. In today's society children have to grow up way too fast!

The question is: Is it legal to walk naked in Ashland near schools? As for the 70-year-old — take "your credentials" back to California. We don't want to see them in Oregon. — Judy Davis, Central Point

Professor Feldstein's opinion, "Cap-and-trade proposals are all cost, no benefit," MT, Tuesday, June 2, was almost perfect. It would have been perfect if instead of saying, "Scientists agree that CO2 emissions around the world could lead to rising temperatures ...", he'd said, "Some scientists think ... but others strongly disagree and at best, any conclusion is scientifically controversial."

That's the actual state of the CO2-is-the-devil debate. And that makes the imposition of cap-and-trade or any other such policy by the current Democratic Congress and administration that costs the American economy while rewarding the noncompliant rest of the world, simply idiotic. Give me a break. — Lee Morris, Medford

At this moment I am watching TV. The speaker is saying that the police are looking for drunk drivers this Memorial Day weekend. They will know the driver is drunk when they see him weaving down the road, or not staying in one lane.

Just because they are driving that way does not mean they are drunk. I have narcolepsy, and I have been stopped half a dozen times when I was on my way home after work.

I was asked by the officer how much I had had to drink. When I told him I was a nondrinker, he made me walk the white line and do other tests that they use.

When I passed all these tests, he would have his office call my place of employment to verify my drinking and then when they found out the truth, they were very apologetic to me and most of them would then follow me home to make sure I arrived there safely.

I finally turned in my driver's license and gave my car to one of my sons about seven years ago. I am not trying to protect the drunk drivers, just letting you and others know there are other reasons for looking like a drunk driver. — Mildred Belding, Medford