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I write in response to Maureen Stewart (June 16) who alleges that Bush and Cheney "kept us ... safe," because of my own experience which has served as equally "protective."

As a hunter I have a gun here (locked up) that can take down an elephant. And the wonderful thing is that ever since I've owned it not a single elephant has broken into my home! — James W. Hall III, Central Point

Kathleen Parker's commentary June 15 was carefully worded and offered no solution to Letterman's remarks about Sarah Palin and family. Too many people are intimidated by Letterman's wealth and celebrity. I am not!

I saw him as being a dim bulb years ago. I don't believe in complicating problems that are easy to solve, so here is my personal solution: No more Letterman in this house and in fact, no more CBS unless he is fired!

He, David Letterman, is an evil-minded, foul-mouthed, left-wing jackass! — G. L. Murray, Grants Pass

According to Berkeley Law and numerous other sources, opinion polling shows that most Americans want to see public and private insurance competing side-by-side so that we can choose the best plan for our needs. So do our leading political figures.

Why, then, do the special interest groups so strongly oppose a strong public health insurance option that is available to all of us, a national plan with real clout, ready to go and truly public rather than watered down?

Just follow the money! They oppose it because it runs against their special interests. It's time our elected representatives do just that — represent the people who elected them and who will remember their vote on this crucial issue next time. Support choice. Speak up for a strong public health option. — Hedy Schoonover, Ashland

Does anyone know where Katherine Harris was a week ago Friday? She wasn't in Tehran by any chance overseeing election results?

At least Ahmadinejad didn't pull a Kim Jong II and declare that he'd won 100 percent of the vote.

Democracy has really hit its stride since the turn of the millennium. — Brent Staley, Medford

As I look at my subscription renewal for the Mail Tribune, I ponder the demise of the print news industry. As your prices continue to increase, your content, as dictated by the Associated Press, is more and more left-leaning opinion and less (if any) objective news reporting. I'm writing the check this time, but if the trends continue I'll think of other ways to line my parrot's cage. — Frank Vetter, Eagle Point