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J.R. Hunts says "I'm wondering why so few physicians participate in (assisted suicide)." I guess that physicians want to constructively help people live better lives. Killing patients — by prescribing lethal poison for them — wasn't what most doctors had in mind when they went to medical school. — Drew Hymer, Medford

Please tell U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden that he left something out of his health-care proposal: the option that 76 percent of Americans want — a choice between private and public insurance plans.

Wyden's bill would limit us to the private insurance system that already leaves nearly 50 million Americans with no coverage at all.

He says he wants us to have the same coverage that senators enjoy — taxpayer-funded private insurance.

That's right. Wyden's own insurance comes from the people who invented "pre-existing conditions," who reserve the right to pull out of small markets like Jackson County, who cancel our coverage when we lose a job, who regularly raise premiums at twice the rate of inflation, and who consistently spend 30-40 percent on administrative costs compared to Medicare's 2-3 percent overhead.

Let's tell the senator, "Thanks, but no thanks." We want a real choice of health-care options.

If we're lucky enough to have private insurance that we're happy with, we'll keep it. But if we're not that lucky, we want to choose between private and public plans just as everyone over 65 already does.

We want a quality, affordable, and accessible public health-care option. — Caren Caldwell, Ashland

Wow, Jacksonville, what a great parade! From oxen, draft horses, antique cars to experimental planes, it was a historical way to celebrate Oregon's birthday.

With a blue sky and white clouds, the rain held off long enough so we could enjoy the booths, outhouse races and Western shoot-outs.

The sound of the old Jacksonville steam engine whistle and the children dancing the Virginia Reel brought us memories of pioneer life.

The marching military and the bagpipers rounded out a time of laughter and American pride for both young and old.

Thanks, Jacksonville. We needed that additional boost. — Junelle Benedict, Jacksonville

What article of, or amendment to, the Constitution of the United States authorizes the federal government to take over a manufacturing industry, appoint its CEO, set top management pay scales and dictate what products it is allowed to manufacture? Has the part of the oath of office of our president and Congress members, where they swear to support and abide by the Constitution of the United States, become meaningless? — Floyd J. Lamb, Medford

The Tidings and the Tribune have lost their journalistic integrity.

The sleazy innuendos in the articles about Mr. Auchincloss are not journalism. This willful destruction of character is born out of spite, of desire for fame and to make money. Dreaming of a Pulitzer? I think not. — Myrl Bishop, Ashland