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Health Care for America NOW, the Jackson County Democratic Party and Oregon Action will hold a public meeting to celebrate the Oregon health-care legislation and discuss the next steps in Oregon and in the national campaign. Join State Sen. Alan Bates and Maribeth Healey, deputy director for U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, July 30, in the Medford Library. — Steve Neuberger, Southern Oregon organizer, Health Care for America NOW, Medford

Having been a native of Oregon for more than 81 years, I feel qualified to state that "our beautiful Oregon has something to offer everyone."

The Rogue Valley, just a short hop to the coast, the great Cascades and/or the scenic Oregon desert. There are several nice parks in this southwest corner of the state, not to mention numerous lakes and streams.

If you are inclined to use illegal drugs, check out either Medford or Grants Pass, as drugs are plentiful and easy to find.

Feel like parading around naked in front of women and children? Ashland is the place for you!

Want to carry signs damning America and burn the flag? Portland is a short four-hour drive and they allow it.

Wanna be a "gang member?" Take your pick, Grants Pass or Medford. If you are into graffiti, opt for Grants Pass as the vandals there have about convinced the law that graffiti is actually art!

Yep! As I stated earlier, Oregon has something for everybody. — G.L. Murray, Grants Pass

A recent paper headlined County Administrator Danny Jordan, the $170,000 man.

Supposedly, he's worth it. "It's just amazing to me the way he's been able to get things done," said Commissioner Jack Walker.

Buried on page 5 of the B section: "Making the river wild again."

"Jackson County leaders have a golden opportunity and a big challenge: Move quickly to take down Gold Ray Dam before the clock runs out on federal stimulus money awarded to help pay for the project.

"The county was awarded $5 million in stimulus funds, but the money comes with a deadline. The dam removal was selected in part because Congress decreed that stimulus funds should be spent on 'shovel-ready' projects that would create jobs and be finished in a year and a half. That means Gold Ray must be gone by December 2010.

"The county's job is to push everyone involved to complete the necessary tasks on schedule while making sure the bureaucracy doesn't get in the way."

Also from the July 1 Mail Tribune: "Uncle Sam has unleashed $5 million in federal stimulus funds to remove 105-year-old Gold Ray Dam on the Rogue River."

OK, Mr. Jordan, it's payback time.

Get 'er done! — J.D. Jones, Central Point