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Letters to the editor

Regarding the July 23 article by Jeff Barnard on Crater Lake chopper tours:

Yesterday I visited Crater Lake with a senior group from an Ashland retirement residence. It was a most peaceful, relaxing experience for all of us. A park ranger gave an illuminating lecture on the historic development of the lake, and we had an excellent lunch at the lodge.

Today I read about contemplated chopper tours around the lake, and I want to express my dismay and disapproval of such an unwise decision. I hope others will also voice their negative feelings and that the National Park Service will not consider such a decision. — Natalie Padno, Ashland

Hurray for the "Trash Busters," the Crater students and the Master Recyclers who are working so hard to clean up the fairgrounds!

Never could understand why most events and organizations would pay big bucks to haul away trash when so much is redeemable and recyclable.

Maybe someday (soon) we the public will actually see the benefits of sorting and recycling before the landfills are full to overflowing.

Using your own refillable water bottles would go a long way to cut down on the mountains of "trash." — Liz Koester, Medford

I was not enthralled by President Obama's presentation July 22. We had to endure 55 minutes of arrogance and ignorance. Arrogant in that the first 10 minutes was nothing more than a monologue (thanks to his ever-present teleprompter) followed by 45 minutes of ignorance when not answering six questions from the fawning media. The ignorance stems from his admission that he does not know what is in the legislation and yet he thinks the legislation should be passed and it is good for us.

His style, off the teleprompter, is nothing more than a meandering, vague, stumbling, bumbling mind dump.

And to top it off, his ignorant comment about the stupidity of the Cambridge Police Department handling of the Gates affair. Once again, Obama fired off his mouth without (admittedly) having all the facts.

Either this president is so arrogant that he doesn't need to know the facts to offer an expert opinion and we should just accept his words as facts or he is too ignorant to look for the facts first and form a considered opinion next.

Look out, America, this is going to be a tough four years. — John Rodrigues, Medford

My husband and I want to thank the people of the Mormon Helping Hands Project for the cleanup of the Bear Creek Greenway.

We ride our bikes there every weekend and this Saturday we were pleasantly surprised by the number of well-organized and courteous volunteers we encountered on our ride. We were amazed at all they had accomplished in the cleanup of the trail. Benches were painted, trash was picked up, weeds and brush were removed. What a thoughtful contribution to our community. — Scott and Judy Lathrop, Talent