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Diana Thomas wants us to think about Becky, Peter and Virginia when we refuse to accept a government takeover of our health care. She's so concerned, but hasn't informed them about the Oregon Health Plan. That's where they should be looking for insurance. Not to us or the federal government. A government health plan? Oregon already has one. How's that working? All the uninsured in Oregon should be signing up, then they wouldn't be "un-insured.—" P. Moran, Medford

Have you driven 140 up to the Fish Lake turnoff lately? The markings on the passing lanes have been shortened so much, you will need a dragster to pass anyone.

Then, from Highway 62 to Brownsboro is a hazard as people must think it is a four-lane highway with no marking strips. I don't know if this motorist in front of me was seeing how close to the gravel she could get or maybe trying to knock down one of the warning markers on the side of the road. Then another came up behind me and passed with a car coming from the opposite direction within 50 yards of us. It's lucky both the car coming and I had room to move to the right. If they don't get line markers out there on that stretch, someone is going to get killed with drivers like that. My speed was set on cruise at 55, so any driver passing me, and there were plenty, was speeding. — William C. Carlson, Central Point

It is a measure of the contempt that the upper class, rich and powerful members of the Republican Party have for the poorer members of their party and for ordinary Americans that they tell the most outrageous lies and rouse up morons and mentally unstable people to interrupt what should be polite, civil discourse on matters that are important to all of us and claim that these are average Americans.

I consider my friends and neighbors to be average Americans and I know that we have differing opinions on the future of health care in this country. I know we could discuss these things calmly and still be friends.

Democracy requires discussion of all facets of an issue or we don't have democracy.

If the behavior of these rude, boorish, gun-toting whack-jobs with two-digit IQs is an indication of the direction public discourse is headed, God help the republic. — David A. Klein, Medford