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Do you live on a rural Jackson County road? Has your neighborhood been carpet-bombed with yellow phone books, wantonly strewn on the ground under mailboxes? Have you watched in dismay as these phone books lay around for weeks, weathering in the elements? Perhaps you've collected this litter for recycling, only to see another phone book company spread more litter?

Your worries are over! Do what I did. Visit the Web site printed on the phone book and complain. A customer service rep for a certain yellow phone book recently assured me these phone books must be delivered to your door, not tossed on the roadside. I was even told crews would soon return to collect unwanted phone books left on the ground. I'm still waiting. Are you? — Scott Morrell, Medford

When I read Hubert Smith's letter, I wanted to cry.

Mr. Smith states there are few problems with racism in our valley, and no need to hold a "tolerance forum" to educate citizens. If only it were true.

Unfortunately, I have read and heard that established hate groups are growing, instead of shrinking. It seems they grow when the economy is bad. Instead of blaming an adjustment in the economy, or greedy corporations, or our leaders, some decide to blame other groups of people; other races, creeds, orientations.

Didn't we have white supremacists marching here locally? And weren't there racist attacks in downtown Medford? Don't we hear angry remarks almost daily about "illegal aliens?" (I always wonder how you can tell an illegal alien when you see one walking down the street.)

Unfortunately, it is simply not true that there is no need for improvement in our area. When will we ever learn? — Ruth E. Woolley, Eagle Point

I was one of those who attended the town hall meeting held by Sen. Ron Wyden. The meeting was well-run. The lottery was fair. It allowed an equal opportunity for all who wanted to ask a question or to be heard.

If there was a mob, it was a liberal mob. The Democrats were the dominant presence. But the preponderance of questions came from opponents of government health care. This irritated the liberal mob. And the Mail Tribune played right into their hands.

One proponent of government health care shouted her way to the microphone and attempted to bully the crowd. The crowd would have none of it and shouted her down.

That should have finished it. But no, the Mail Tribune went one up on the crowd. You not only took her picture, but also put it on the front page with her message in captions underneath. The Tribune played the part of the village idiot — or did you?

Her message was read and seen by more than the 600 at the meeting. Once again the Mail Tribune proved that it is a useful tool of the left. — Gale F. Trapp, Medford

A group of terrorists came here from Saudi Arabia to learn how to fly planes. They didn't need to know how to take off or land, just how to go up, down, right or left. They proceeded to kill more than 3,000 of our people in the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, and destroyed four large aircraft.

In retaliation we went to "war" with Afghanistan and Iraq, this due to major intelligence gathering. We have lost more than 4,000 of our people here, and still counting.

If we are at "war" why haven't we destroyed the poppy fields? This is the Taliban's main source of income to purchase more weapons. More intelligence! — Tom Anderson, Medford

For-profit insurance companies and their lackeys are inventing lies to try to scare Americans into opposition to health-care reform.

No "death committees" are proposed, but rather provisions to pay doctors offering counseling about end-of-life care.

No coverage for illegal immigrants is proposed.

No "government takeover" of health care is proposed, but rather a "public option" competing with for-profit insurance that people can choose if they want to.

Thinking, compassionate Americans will see through the barrage of scare tactics and have the courage to support real health-care reform. — Wayne Slawson, Talent

Regarding "Medical Board discourages volunteer doctors" by Dr. Ira Buchalter in your paper Sunday, Aug. 30:

I had a similar discouraging experience 10 years ago after I retired here after 40 years of general practice in California. I called the Oregon Medical Board in Salem asking if I could volunteer to assist nurse practitioners in the local community health centers. I was told that I would have to pay a substantial fee and take the Oregon license examination — there was no reciprocity with California. There was no welcoming friendliness in the call and I said to heck with it. So I have tried to help the community health center in other minor ways. — William W. Johnson, M.D., Medford

Regarding a letter to the editor Sept. 1: Americans "beginning to hiss" is how a great many folks are dealing with their anger over the things seemingly out of control. Mix in racism (yeah, that word) and a little hatred for the president and we start to "hiss." Nothing satisfies like jumping aboard a bandwagon, so to speak.

All of a sudden, Obama is the person responsible for all our woes and worries. The author says the "president gives us a new disaster every week." Interesting! He inherited: the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, an economy in shambles, banks failing, a health-care system on the road to bankruptcy, a failing automobile industry, a Republican opposition determined to see him fail and more. Where's the "disaster every week?" And as to "our hard-won way of living" ... how about greed and denial of reality that is responsible for most of our troubles? — B. Foy, Medford


Wrong number

Edmond Vongehr's phone number, which he requested be printed with his letter published Friday, is 541-661-5325. The number printed Friday was incorrect.