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Disgusted by bear drowning? Just another ODFW botch job. Recall the cougars mistakenly killed outside the official killing zone? The terrified bear paraded through town on a flat bed truck like prisoners on the way to the gallows? The pet cat they used for cougar bait?

Where was the wildlife trapper our tax dollars pay over $60,000 a year for? His dog pack could have kept the bear treed while the tranquilizers worked. — S. Mackler, Jacksonville

Viewing the MT online poll numbers, one can easily see that the water park development has hit a nerve regarding government spending.

I believe it's one more positive move by the city of Medford and the Parks and Recreation Department. Positioning this facility with easy on-off access to Interstate 5 makes this a recreation destination which will only bolster the local economy, just as US Cellular Park is bringing in business. The concerns about pricing for lower-income families can be easily addressed through sliding scale season passes for residents.

This is a smart investment on several fronts: stopping the flow of money into a deteriorating facility, building a cleaner, more efficient park that offers a variety of activities, and making Medford even more of a destination area with more family-friendly activities. Excellent plan, and the time is now. Good job, Mr. Sjothun and the entire Parks and Rec staff! — Katie Tso, Medford

To the driver of an off-white Acura with Idaho plates, southbound from Foothill to McAndrews westbound on Sept. 14 at 7:45 a.m.: merging traffic must yield (ORS 811.285). ORS 811.135, 811.140, and 811.375 may also apply. It is also common driving wisdom.

I braked and gestured, you replied digitally. Have you moved here and not legally registered your vehicle, etc.? (ORS 811.255.) That intersection and ramp are problematic enough without making a competition of the commute. — Patrick M. Rahm, Medford

On Sept. 12, an estimated 1 million ordinary Americans rallied in Washington, D.C., in opposition to universal health care and many of President Obama's socialist policies.

Robert Gibbs and the White House claimed they were unaware of the planned rally. Really? It just goes to show you how dismissive this administration is against anyone opposing Obama's agendas.

Their denial is a perfect example of why our government is drastically losing the trust of the people and why Obama's approval rating is plummeting. — Kael Yriarte, Medford

Mr. Obama was elected president for one four-year term.

Presidents don't automatically get two terms, they have to earn them.

I'm still trying to see where Obama earned his first one. Conservatives and Blue Dog Democrats will do their very level best to see that Obama's stay in the White House is only four years. — Wil Scarrow, Gold Hill