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Flying in and out of the Rogue Valley is so costly that I rarely use air carriers here at all.

I know that many folks have moved to this area from more urban areas such as Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc., and there are family and friends that we would love to visit. Personally, a car trip to the Bay Area takes about six-and-a-half hours each direction so I would love to have a short plane ride to SFO that was cost-effective.

United Air Lines, Alaska or Southwest should offer commuter flights to and from Medford at an affordable cost. I am almost certain that their planes would be filled to capacity. — Carl Metzger, Central Point

President Obama and his choir (national and local) often cry foul.

They operate under the false premise that because he is now our president, we should all support his every idea and program (after all their charity toward President Bush), and that bipartisanship is shown by Republicans rubber-stamping anything the Democrats come up with. And how dare Fox News challenge the president's policies or the suitability of the president's radical associations and unvetted czars. Obama supporters note: when your heads are in the sand your backsides are an easy target.

Many paint Fox News as a dangerous element. It won't be entirely surprising if Fox's freedom to operate will be soon be hindered. Warning: when someone else's rights are negatively affected, yours aren't far behind.

Titanic-esque, the United States is the grandest and safest country ever to be launched. And similarly, though designed well, she isn't absolutely free from fatal vulnerabilities. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and others like me have deep concerns that America may be heading toward a deadly iceberg.

How utterly silly of us to let multiplied trillions of debt, bizarre pork projects, unfettered lobbyists and a crew of radicals and Marxists concern us. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

Thank you to the Mail Tribune, Ashland Tidings and the Medford School District for sponsoring the president's own United States Marine Band on Sunday. My mother used to attend the band when it came to Medford and said it was such a wonderful experience.

She was right! I come away feeling so inspired and patriotic after hearing the marching and armed forces music. A surprise treat was performed by Gunnery Sgt. Kevin Bennear when he sang "If I Loved You." I am sure there weren't many dry eyes in the audience when he finished!

There are not many things you can attend free these days. If you missed the band this year you need to put it on your calendar the next time it comes to Medford. — Alma Gates, Jacksonville