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Thanks to "Cheers and Jeers" for pointing out the unfair burden placed on property owners when six years of mistakes by the assessor's office are required to be made up in one year.

You stated that the Legislature should address this matter. My wife and I were informed last May that we owe $10,853.53 in addition to this year's property tax bill. We met at the assessor's office and asked for more time to pay this without penalty. We were told that would not be possible due to state law (ORS 311.219). I wrote to Sen. Alan Bates on May 10 explaining the unreasonable hardship this places on property owners. Apparently, he does not feel it worth addressing, since he has not replied. — Harry Hutton, Ashland

We read the article on the RVs at Hyatt Lake. Evidently Mr. Rubenstein has not camped or has an RV. My husband and I have RV'd for 50 years around the country and these in-park trailers are popping up at a lot of campgrounds (Rogue River RV Resort at Shady Cove, Lake of the Woods, etc., locally) all over. These are RVs, not cabins. The style is different. I don't know what Mr. Rubenstein's knowledge is based on, but it is way off base. A lot of RVs park close together in other parks and there are bushes and trees around, but I've never heard of a fire being started by one. I feel sorry for the investors and they are right to fight it. Is this all politically motivated? Start a petition. We'll sign it and others will too if needed. — Doc and Mary Koontz, Medford

Wow! Talk about life imitating art, imitating life.

Trailers are out for the new TV show, "V" (Visitors). A giant spaceship appears over a U.S. city. The spaceship origin is unknown (maybe Chicago). The aliens look like us, but they are not of us. An attractive interracial spokesman emerges and appears to us. The spokesman, woman in this case, urges calm. All will be well.

The script on-screen read by an announcer: "They offer us hope" (and change).

"We offer them our trust." Dummkopfs.

They promise world peace (trust us).

A representative from our "free-and-independent" media prepares to interview the "V" spokeswoman. The Visitor ominously advises the media rep: "Don't ask any questions that will tend to show us in a negative light."

Whoa! Is that analogous to the Obama administration, or what?

No danger of that in real life though. Our real-life media started their policy of not asking questions that might show Obama in a negative light way back in the election cycle. Those that vary from this policy quickly incur the wrath of this White House, as we have seen.

Will "V" win an Emmy award before the first episode airs? Inquiring minds want to know. — Pat Patterson, Central Point

It's early, but already Santa's elves are suffering from sleep deprivation trying to keep up with the biggest Christmas list in many years. Hard economic times have increased the demand for warm clothing and, of course, Santa knows that all children need at least one toy for the holiday.

As in past years, Santa will visit Interfaith Care Community (formerly CERVS), where he will see countless children. Whether his bag will hold enough gifts so that every child will have a warm and Merry Christmas is up to you. Gifts can be dropped off at 601 N. Grape in Medford anytime before Dec. 21, or groups may call for pick-up.

Groups or individuals wanting more information may call ICC at 779-8564. — Amber Thomas, office manager, ICC, Medford

Since the beginning of the presidential campaign, hate-mongers have tried to discredit Obama by circulating boldfaced lies: He's a Muslim, he won't pledge allegiance to the flag, he "pals around with terrorists," etc. Their outlandish smears fell pretty flat, except among those whose irrational hatred made them impervious to facts and indifferent to truth. In desperation, they even claimed that Obama wasn't born in the U.S. To this day some cling to their delusion of Obama's foreign birth, hoping that by spreading their sickness they might overturn the voters' will.

It seems somehow appropriate that a mad Russian, Orly Taitz, would be leading these crazies. Devoting a full page to such a worthless subject ("He is hiding his whole identity," Oct. 26) was a waste of space that gives undeserved legitimacy to the so-called "birther" movement while at the same time cheapening the Mail Tribune. — Michael Steely, Medford

When the homeless teens of Medford reach national news it makes one wonder what is the cause for this ongoing problem in the Rogue Valley.

Being a longtime resident of Jackson County I have family and friends that have openly discussed this problem. Each of us have teens that have chosen to take to the streets, leave home because they don't want to follow the rules. They want to be on their own ... so they go.

They live with friends until their parents get tired of supporting their "lazy" lifestyle and they move on to another friend's home and so on.

Are these the teens we are calling homeless? They are not homeless ... they just don't want to live by rules.

It seems that some new organizations are enabling these teens to remain on the street instead of counseling them to return to their homes. In return they need to obey the rules of their parents or guardian. — William McLaughlin, Medford