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Fight for freedom goes on

Halloween is a spooky time. Hobgoblins, banshees, vampires, and witches' brew. Sometimes I wonder if there are distinct similarities with all levels of government intervention. These days people are concerned, and some are even faint-hearted.

Recently, I attended a great medical conference in Medford called Cardiology Day. Folks, we're fortunate to have such highly skilled and professional heart specialists in Southern Oregon. They brilliantly go about their craft, saving lives and educating other health care professionals as well as the public on proper life management proficiency. Anyone who adds years to human life is underrated and not compensated enough.

They do not need unqualified bureaucracies directing actions which they are unqualified to enunciate. Physicians need freedom to determine individual health concerns. The heavy hand of those who would trade that freedom for security will diminish the amazing outcomes shared by those who have sacrificed their lives to extend others' lives, like cardiovascular specialists. There are certain things we must act upon without hesitation to assist the lifeguards of medicine.

For instance, James Bennett, an apartment owner in Medford's Poplar Drive area, was assessed back taxes after the county made some clerical mistakes, costing Bennett $11,446.

Bennett said, "This is morally wrong, this is ethically wrong, you can't do this to another human being." He's right, but they did, with no remorse or recourse. The county made a mistake.

Let's move on and cut the taxpayer some slack. If the taxpayer makes a mistake, Katie bar the door. Freedom, friends, freedom.

We are not slaves and they are not masters. Under our form of government aren't they servants?

But we have nothing to fear locally because we may get a new water park, compliments of the Medford City Council. We're not quite sure where yet, but not to worry. According to the Mail Tribune, the council is spending $300,000 "to study the feasibility of building ... at Bear Creek Park."

Aren't we in a recession? I thought private enterprise built facilities, not municipalities. Freedom, friends, freedom.

Recently, Oregon's registered voters signed enough petitions to help repeal our state Legislature's revenue enhancers HB 3405 and HB 2649, turning over 125,000 signatures for each referendum. If enacted, the bills would raise business and personal income taxes during the toughest of times.

The Oregonian rightly observed, "They dared to raise taxes hundreds of millions of dollars on business even as the state's unemployment rates climbed past 10, 11 and 12 percent, the nation's second highest rate."

From the Bend Bulletin: "They taxed gross income and made tax increases permanent "¦ it displayed a breathtaking indifference to business which supplies jobs." The signers of our Declaration pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to forge a new nation and eventually a more perfect union. What will we do? Freedom, friends, freedom.

Speaking of business and liberty, we come to our own Gov. Ted Kulongoski. Did you know he has fashioned himself as the great wanderer? He announced a business trip to Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands, to meet with executives of Daimler AG, Vestas Wind Systems and FEI Co. We are told the reason for this effort is targeted at "specific companies that employ Oregonians" and that he would thank the German automaker for keeping their manufacturing plant in Portland. Yuk! Why not phone and say thank you?

Governor Kulongoski, you have spent eight years supporting such things as the aforementioned tax increases for business and individuals, minus robust capital formation and creative entrepreneurship, instead of eliminating the income tax and loosening land-use restrictions. Governor Kulongoski, you dithered!

Remember the cardiovascular specialists. The fight goes on. Freedom, friends, freedom.

Joel R. Marks of Medford, a specialty hospital representative for a pharmaceutical company, is a member of the Rogue Valley Transportation District board, the Citizen's Planning Advisory Committee and the Medford Urban Renewal Agency budget committee.