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Willa Johnson wrote that Obama and the left-leaning Congress have piled on more debt in less than a year than all of the other administrations put together. Not even close!

The national debt hit $1 trillion in about 1980. The 12 years of Reagan/Bush pushed the total to about $3.75 trillion. Eight years of Clinton, and the total hit about $5.5, but was actually coming down in the last two years of his administration. Eight years of "W" Bush, and the total reached $10.5 trillion. Today, the debt is $12 trillion. In one year, "Obama and the left-leaning Congress" have added $1.5 trillion to our debt. Big? Yes. Too big! But "more than all the others combined?" Not even close!

Check for yourself at www.brillig.com/debt_clock/ and www.brillig.com/debt_clock/faq.html to see the history of our national debt. — Mike Curtis, Shady Cove

I feel like a patient in the 1800s, yet with a 21st century awareness, as I am being spooned political arsenic, a so-called remedy for what ails me.

Political arsenic is being prescribed to the American people in the form of a health care bill and our news editors and publicists are being duped into participating. This threat to our physical and social well-being is being touted as reform — positive change for the people — but will indeed be depriving the populace of its power to choose. Isn't America about the right to choose?

An article written by Stanley Scheindlin, "The Duplicitous Nature of Inorganic Arsenic," talks about how insidious and destructive arsenic has been in times past as it was laced into paints and other consumer products. I equate this to how political arsenic is being entrained into much of our current legislation and media.

It was the media, in part, seeking to reveal the truth about arsenic in products, that stopped the arsenic poisoning of the populace before. We need you again! Get the facts. Get them in front of the public. — Daniel Park, Central Point

Let us all remember that it takes a village/community to raise a child. To those that have spent time loving, cultivating, nourishing a child ... thank you. Our children will flourish with the time and attention you give them.

Now, more than ever, we all need to take action. We need to get involved and educate ourselves about our children's needs.

If it has been a while since you have volunteered, donated to your local schools or even voted in the elections, please take a moment of your time and do what it takes to be proactive and take a step in moving our children forward instead of backward. One step forward, two steps back is not working anymore.

Our children need us now. Vote yes on Measures 66 and 67 on Jan. 26 and take a stand for children to help prevent further cuts that our children cannot afford to lose. — Cecilia Buckingham, Medford

As a property owner in the Hyatt Lake area, it comes as a shock that anyone or group would want to destroy the most significant improvement to the area in many years, the Hyatt Lake Resort.

Mr. McNeely, through his Hyatt Lake Resort, has provided so many benefits to the community, such as a nice clean restaurant and a great pizza parlor, and he has plowed the "access" road going between Highway 66 and Hyatt Lake — at his expense. Without Mr. McNeely doing this, who will keep the road clear in the winter?

The renters and owners of the park models add to the economy and pay for jobs at a time when Oregon's unemployment is more than 11 percent. Also, the esthetics of Campers Cove and Hyatt Lake Resort is far superior to the old firetrap of a restaurant and dilapidated mobile home trailers and rusty "RVs" that were parked in the two campgrounds. The modern propane heating systems are far safer than the old heaters that were there.

These two campgrounds/RV parks need to stay as is. There is no common sense reason to remove them. Even the Mail Tribune poll is running more than 70 percent to leave alone. — Diana Custis, Hyatt Lake/Ashland