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The "global warming crowd" that Mr. Hess dismisses so casually (letters, Dec. 1) is our National Academy of Sciences as well as the thousands of climate scientists from around the world that make up the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Please be assured, Mr. Hess, these men and women are very smart people and they're not getting their data from Gore's film. And we'd better hope the MT continues to publish fully the results of the ongoing research by this crowd. Our grandchildren matter! — Carl Prufer, Medford

The proposed Jordan Cove Liquified Natural Gas import terminal on the north spit of Coos Bay and the 234-mile pipeline bisecting Southern Oregon's neighborhoods, rivers, streams and private and public lands is absurd.

The gas in this 3-foot-diameter pipe will be going straight to California, but California successfully stopped all terminal proposals for public safety and environmental concerns. So guess what? This multinational company thinks that because of the country bumpkins in Oregon and the small population here, the industry is planning to build a natural gas bomb in Coos Bay and a pipeline through our neighborhoods.

Oregon will get some part-time employment; in turn for this, we get this geological and environmental nightmare along with a pumping station in Butte Falls with a jet engine running 24/7. But then I would guess that Oregonians' public safety is not as important as lives in California.

To influence the outcome of this disaster that will be seen from the space station, please write your governor, senators and representatives. For more information, write to Western Environmental Law Center, 1216 Lincoln St., Eugene, OR 97401.

We have until Dec. 27 to comment on this absurd mess. — Rich Royer, Trail

In regard to the release of killer and violent criminal Maurice Clemmons, the revered Gov. Mike Huckabee said: "... if the same file was presented to me today, I would have likely made the same decision (to release Clemmons into society)."

A psychological evaluation in October found (Clemmons) was a risk to public safety, but not enough of one to justify committing him. So much for the opinions of a governor and of psychology. And, so much for the jury's decision to lock Clemmons up and throw away the key!

Thank you Officer Benjamin Kelly for completing a task that should have been completed 20 years ago. — Cassie Ryker, Jacksonville

President Obama has now fully sanctioned the Bush/Cheney war in Afghanistan.

Ignoring what most Americans wanted and hiding behind the tattered excuse of the Taliban having sheltered al-Qaida while omitting the fact that our government did business with the Taliban before 9/11, Obama has adopted the Bush "surge" strategy. It won't work in Afghanistan any more than it calmed the situation in Iraq, which remains explosive and will require a massive American military presence for many years.

But that has always been the point of our criminal wars in that troubled area: control the access to and corporate exploitation of the richest supply of oil in the world. Iran, the biggest prize of them all, now sits between the jaws of the Iraq-Afghanistan nutcracker. Who doubts that "regime change" in Iran is far beyond the planning stage?

Irony of ironies: win the Nobel Peace Prize and immediately expand the war; at the same time, grab the oil and burn it and thus accelerate global climate catastrophe. The pathology of American politics is at stage four. — Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland