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Letters to the editor

As the government races to force government health care on us, suggesting younger people be allowed to enroll in Medicare and Medicaid, who will be their doctors? Does your doctor accept new or any Medicare patients? Check it out. Many, many do not. If yours does, but millions are added to the patient lists, how long will it take you to get an appointment? What kind of care can you expect to receive? — P. Moran, Medford

The city of Central Point Police Department has felt it is a good thing to overreact to the state law (ORS 814.070) which has to do with pedestrians on roadways when sidewalks are available, (which I was not aware of until I looked it up).

My grandson was jogging along beside his friend, who was on a bicycle, because the sidewalks were loaded with students going to lunch. The police officer issued him a $152 citation. This seems extreme and unreasonable for a first-time offense. Would not a warning have been a somewhat more common-sense approach? Joggers look out, you could be next or anyone else in the street.

After explaining to the judge that he just went out in the street to go around the parked police vehicle, the judge said that will be $50.

It seems if we are going to get our youth to respect law enforcement, we might use a little common sense. Or are the controls of America becoming so ridiculous that crossing the street to get to your vehicle or going for a jog is a violation? This is way over the top. — C. Brainard, Central Point

Cloud seeding is abruptly halted at Medford-Jackson County airport. Why?

Because of an(other) unconstitutional federal government regulation. Now our travel options are further limited, our freedoms further eroded because of the feds overstepping their bounds.

This is a local issue, not a federal issue. — Eric Rasmussen, Central Point

I am glad to see an end to the practice of cloud seeding at the Medford airport. While it made life convenient for a couple hundred people to fly in and out of the valley, it turned the areas around the airport and White City into an ice-skating rink for many thousands of drivers navigating their daily commute to work. I feel safer already! — Ken West, Medford

There is an important election on Jan. 26. Voting yes will preserve $1 billion in state funding for education, human services (including seniors, children and disabled) and public safety.

If your family makes less than $250,000 a year, you won't pay a dime more under Measure 66. If you have been on unemployment, Measure 66 will exempt unemployment benefits you've received from taxation. Measure 67 would increase the ridiculous corporate minimum of $10, in existence since 1931, to $150 for most Oregon corporations. Oregon cannot afford higher class sizes or reduced days of instruction; we are already lagging our global competitors and 49 other states.

If you have moved in the last 12 months, you must register to vote at county elections by Jan. 5. Registration materials are available at the Jackson County Democratic headquarters on Central, or County Elections.

Vote yes for Oregon on Jan. 26. — Christine Haynie, Medford

Sorry to say, a recent letter writer, Mr. Mann, doesn't seem to understand Catholic teaching on morality. I suggest he look into this faith of 2,000 years. This church does respect others' right to choose, but wants others to know the truth. As for abortion, the church does defend human life from conception to natural death. Maybe this is not accepted "universally" — it does not matter, truth is truth. Our church is not seeking power; it seeks to follow and teach God's truth and uphold God's law, not man's.

The Catholic Church refuses to accept the crime of abortion — it is nothing but murder of the innocents! Once again, God is the author of life and death — only he.

May God bless you, Mr. Mann, and guide you to the truth. — Jim and Camille Pagnini, Jacksonville